Inquisitor 1749 N by Ifor

May 10, 2022

Themes based on numbers are evidently a thing at the moment. Eleven days lost in the solution to Nutmeg’s puzzle, and today matters 39. 39 Steps being the common denominator from the extra words in the perimeter clues, the 39 Articles of Religion referenced by THE SET OF DOCTRINES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND based on extra letters from the downs, and 2 Cor 11:24 (which references the “forty stripes save one”). Thus the required highlighting.

Of course, for the latter Ifor needed an abbreviation for chapter and the whole of verse to make up the numbers. Thankfully, because until I counted and spotted that I was still missing the requisite number of cells to highlight, I thought that something seriously spooky was going on. 

My firmly held belief that most of the preamble can be safely ignored for most of the solve held true again today, roughly half being superfluous until we got to the final highlighting, at which point the shape of what was to be highlighted was fairly obvious and any concerns about what “appropriately positioned” might indicate resolved themselves.

I would say that the grid fill was uneventful, enjoyed as it was in the decidedly non-Bank Holiday weekend sunshine, except I failed miserably to write both REEST and AVENUE correctly into the grid, and thus made life unnecessarily difficult for myself. This is why we always write in pencil.

And so done.

Favourite clue? “Well-known means of making sect soft? (6, 2 words)” got a great big tick.

As did the rest of the puzzle, which was thoroughly enjoyed, and with little enough ado that it was completed in plenty of time for me to fulfil my unpaid taxi duties. Such are Bank Holidays enjoyed in these parts.


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