Blogging the cryptic crossword from the i.

From Monday to Saturday each week the i cryptic is recycled from Independent crosswords of years gone by. Each day we publish a link to the original blog at Fifteensquared together with comments and clues not covered there.

On Wednesday a solver’s blog for the Inquisitor crossword is also published. Rather than being a definitive blog, which already appears on Fifteensquared on the same day, we aim more to convey some of trials and tribulations of (attempting) to solve one of the harder barred-grid puzzles.

Prize puzzles

As usual with prize puzzles, the blog will appear following the closing date for entries.

Contact Information

To get in touch with any queries, or if you’re interested in helping out, please email:

contactus {dot} idothei {at} gmail {dot} com

Privacy Information

To see how your data is processed, please reference the information available here.

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