i Cryptic Crossword 3549 Alchemi

June 23, 2022

Difficulty rating (out of five): 🌟

An enjoyable offering from Alchemi eases us towards the end of the working week. Nothing too difficult today I thought, though I will admit that – on reaching the NW corner – a few clues were lobbed in based on checking letters and likely looking definitions, in particular 2d which was quite delightfully fiendish. The singer took far too long to spot, partly because I became convinced that I had 1d wrong and that I was looking for the actor with the same surname, despite having listened to several of her albums. 15ac felt more rude than it actually is (perhaps I’m a little delicate this time of the morning), and I note that in addition we have both flatulence and leaking in two clues which also garnered ticks because, well, I particularly enjoyed them.

COD? With the aforementioned and also 6ac also worthy of mention, my nomination goes to 11ac – “Chelsea worry about dropping each player (6,4)”.

All the answers and parsing of the clues can be found in Fifteensquared’s blog from May 2018:


3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3549 Alchemi”

  1. tonnelier said

    Possibly just a 2* because of the NW quarter, where I struggled with both 1s and 11 (of whom I know nothing except her rather pleasing name). The definition in 1a was cleverly “hidden”, while 1d proved more difficult than it probably should have been.

    My favourites were SWINDLE and WALL STREET, the former being my CoD

  2. Cornick said

    We certainly get them easier than this in the i, but agreed that this was in the 1*- 2* area of things, so you’ve got to pick one or the other.
    Loved GUATAMALA; took me an age to see SHAFTED – must try to remember that ‘Slough’ usually means ‘shed’.

  3. Saboteur said

    Yes, a good solve, in the one- to two-star area for me. Enjoyed.

    Couldn’t parse DISCREET, and REPS went in with a shrug, the “exercises”refrrence bring something new to me.

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