i Cryptic Crossword 3524 by Dac

May 25, 2022

Difficulty rating (out of 5): 🌟🌟

There can’t be many more Dac puzzles left in the archive so I feel privileged to be blogging another of them. This one, as always, was a joy to solve; a few moments thought required in places though, so maybe rating two stars rather than one.

Among the nice touches were the extra layer of meaning in 10ac – ‘tarps’ in themselves being waterproof – and ‘sty’ as the farm building rather than the more readily thought of ‘barn’. I had a little trouble with 16ac, trying to put ‘ants’ (= soldiers) into an anagram of ‘Iran’; that was my fault for not realising that, given Dac’s attention to detail, the initial A in the clue was part of the wordplay and not just padding.

Editorially, maybe there was an opportunity missed to update a clue – residents of 19ac might be a bit miffed to see their city described as a town; I think in fact it had already acquired city status when the puzzle first appeared in 2018.

It’s always difficult to pick a CoD in a Dac puzzle. I liked 2dn for its simplicity, 20dn and 21dn for their surfaces but, for the penny-drop moment when I got it, I’ll go for 25ac: ‘Close to range in centre of Finisterre (7)’.

All in all a 27ac puzzle to put one in a good 1ac for the day.

For the original blog and comments go to http://www.fifteensquared.net/2018/04/25/independent-9838-dac/

4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3524 by Dac”

  1. Saboteur said

    A delight as ever, for all the usual reasons.

  2. thebargee said

    Truly a master of his craft, loved it.

    I think 11ac deserves a mention, it just seemed so elegant to me.

  3. Cornick said

    Unless there are any more hidden away somewhere, Fifteensquared seems to indicate we’ve only got 4 more Dacs to look forward to after this.
    Delightful as ever, but I struggled rather for my last four – especially ‘Scrip’ which was totally unknown intersecting with ‘Pat’ clued by ‘hit’. Maybe I’m tired, because I needed a wordsearch to finish (although not for yesterday’s 5* Hob – weird!)

  4. jonofwales said

    A few struggles pushed this just into 2* for time, but of course as ever from Dac this was a delight. Perhaps the i could just go back to the start and repeat them again when the supply runs out? I for one wouldn’t complain.

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