i Cryptic Crossword 3476 by Wiglaf

March 30, 2022

Difficulty rating (out of 5): 🌟🌟🌟

This proved a bit tricky – not so much in getting the answers as in parsing some of them; for instance 25ac where having assumed ‘perched’ was ‘sat in’ I simply couldn’t see what ‘wolf’ was doing in the clue.

There were some interesting comments in the fifteensquared blog and I wondered if it was just coincidence that this puzzle was chosen for today. Back in 2017 England’s cricketers had just been hammered in Australia prompting one contributor to the 15^2 blog to comment apropos 15dn: “After today’s events in Perth, I suspect England could well do with the return of the good Dr. W.G. to embellish their own score.” For ‘Perth’ read ‘Grenada’?

And although I liked 10ac, 3dn and 5dn, it’s 15dn that’s my CoD for its misdirection: ‘Cricketing legend (not English) makes embellishment to score (5,4)’

It’s back to December 2017 once again for all the details, to be found at http://www.fifteensquared.net/2017/12/16/independent-crossword-9728-by-wiglaf/

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3476 by Wiglaf”

  1. jonofwales said

    Into 4* for difficulty here, for what was certainly a knotty puzzle. Mummy to define the pharaoh seemed somewhat tenuous, and I could have done with an indication that 12ac was a foreign language term. The UT in 28ac also left me a little bemused, and I could have done without some of the Hoskin-esh clues. Was it just me, or was 24d a little weak (justifying my strategy of starting with the last down clue and working up from there 🙂 )?

    On the other hand, I did in particular like 8d and 15d amongst lots of good stuff.

    Our scheduling of puzzles certainly seems to have shifted now we’re running out of Dac reprints (if we haven’t already). A Saturday reprint today!

  2. tonnelier said

    When I can’t immediately get any of the first few, my regular practice is to start with the left hand down clue in the lower half. This worked very well as I moved swiftly across this lower half – all done and just one *, (though admittedly I didn’t understand the WOLF in 25). The upper half was VERY much trickier. Even so my overall rating would still be just the two stars.

    Both 1s proved stubbornly elusive, but last in were PERSUADE and FRAU. (does the clue for frau need the “by”?)

    I enjoyed this a lot, especially 1a, 6, 13, and (now that I get it) 25.


  3. Cornick said

    This was a good day to start at the top and work downwards. Indeed 3/4 fairly flew in , and with much to appreciate, including the excellent OZYMANDIAS, REDUCTIONS and ETHERISE among others.
    The tricky ones were that cocktail at 19d (a weak area of GK for me), the do= UT thing in 28a and then the somewhat convoluted logic of UNDER[stand] which I’m still struggling to get my head round.

  4. Saboteur said

    A bit late to the party, I’m afraid. Busy day yesterday.

    I too found this knotty in places. The “ut” in RULE OUT was beyond me, and the “wolf” bit of SATINWOOD took a disproportionate amount of thinking about.

    A bit of a break and then today’s puzzle over lunch, I think.

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