Inquisitor 1732 Appropriate by Lato

January 11, 2022

This puzzle appeared on New Year’s Day, but no provision was made for the extent of solvers’ hangovers, the preamble being quite something. Answers that can be potentially treated, but aren’t, only “imagined”, but appropriately placed, although only “arguably” so in one case.

Best to get on with it then, and try to pretend you weren’t up until some ungodly hour more akin to morning than night. Thankfully the clues were more forgiving, single superfluous letters identifiable with little ado, even if somewhat complicated by the unclued entries that as ever made for a dearth of crossing letters.

To be fair all were perfectly guessable, but any significance would require the entirety of the message from the aforementioned extra letters to tease out. Not just anagram, as I’d already tried and failed to do, but remove a letter first, to reveal…


In one form or another, by way of confirmation via another anagram, courtesy of the letters omitted from the unclued entries. We’re anagram-a-go-go this week.

Has anybody ever called Trump “Don”? That’s how we’re addressing him, anyway, presumably as the lowest of the low, “appropriately” placed as he is at the bottom of the grid.

The highlighting would take a while longer yet, but finally, after a hearty New Year’s Chinese the word JAIL split across the treated Trump finally leapt out, presumably revealing where Lato thinks said ex-president should be, and I’m not inclined to disagree. Or argue that ultimately this was a puzzle appropriately scheduled, requiring just the right amount of mental leaps and hops, and one ultimately of faith, so thanks to Lato and all involved.


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  1. Willow said

    It has taken me two weeks in total to complete this. For thirteen of those days I experienced a mixture of satisfaction (as I manged to fill in some clues) and bewilderment (as I read and reread the preamble) but finally, today, I realised that 44 must be AMOEBA. I also had enough of the omitted clue letters to work out a fair bit of the hidden message. So, the only word you can really make from the letters of AMOEBA, minus one, is OBAMA, and that led to getting eight of the nine Presidents and very nearly completing the puzzle. I didn’t manage to spot DON, though did think 56 must be POND; and I didn’t see DON in JAIL.

    Personally, I think imprisonment should be reserved only for people who are a real danger to society. I rather think DT was/is. But maybe a multi-million dollar fine would dent his bank balance and ego more effectively, if indeed he ever faces justice and the jurors find against him.

    All in all, I think this was satisfying and entertaining! Got there in the end!

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