Inquisitor 1728 Face Trouble by Ifor

December 14, 2021

This will of necessity be a brief summary, because some time has passed since I began this, and my memory of much has faded. Usually this would be because of lethargy / laziness / general life getting in the way, but this time around it’s because of, well, another one of Ifor’s endgames.

We’ve all struggled with his endgames in the past, I suspect, and this time would be no exception, despite the grid fill itself being a quick one, albeit with a probably haphazard collection of extra words from some clues collated. Collecting such things never being one of my strengths. At this point, however, I was feeling quietly pleased with myself, figuring that getting up early Saturday morning and going for a healthy stroll in the countryside before the rest of the house had woken up had done me the world of good. Only to stare, and stare again at what came next regarding the extra words.

“Each is primarily associated with a single letter from a complete set…” Well, it’s not the first letters at any rate, as they’re pretty random. And so I stared. Sat through another hour and a half of Peter Jackson’s excellent (but extremely long, as is wont for him) Beatles documentary, Strictly, and a movie, and still got nowhere fast.

To be fair, I had spotted loads of potential words that might make up the required highlighting – BANTER, FLUTES, SHALLOW, etc, but any link between them and the extra words, or the required sentence, was one that would elude me for a long time.

The working week started, and continued, and it would be several days later of feeling suitably and customarily harassed / strung out, that I would:

  • Remember that the GLEN at the top which I had spotted days before, and had figured for a name, is another name for a valley.
  • Belatedly realise that the Welsh for valley, CWM (we have lots of places called Cwm something around here), and following words, could be derived from C-horizon, W-particle, M-theory, and so on. The and so on consisting not only of the other letters required, but lots where I would happily admit to not having a clue.
  • Resort to a extended bit of Googling to discover that the “sentence” (it’s not really, is it?), is a perfect pangram, and consists of synonyms of the aforementioned words for highlighting already spotted. This extended bit of Googling I would say made up a pretty big chunk of the solve that I could probably have better used trying to sort out the letters above.

Finished, through sheer bloody mindedness, and without having sorted most of the letters from the sentence “properly”. But there’s no such thing as a bad landing, they say, and finished it is, of sorts. Prize for the most fiendish endgame of the year? It’s Ifor’s so far, and with only a few weeks to go I hope things remain that way.

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