Inquisitor 1721 Hole by Nimrod

October 26, 2021

Nimrod, with a grid ominously missing bars, and cells to be left empty can mean only one thing – that we’re in for a bit of hard time, albeit a fair and enjoyable one. As chance would have it, this was one of those weekends where I quite fancied a bit of a challenge. Call me a masochist. Quite how much of a challenge was in store became clear quickly when, by lunchtime Saturday, all I’d managed was TSUNAMI and EARTHSCIENCE, and only then on erasing the latter having belatedly realised it was to start in the second row and not the first.

Letters marking the border of the “hole” being missing from wordplay meant frequent trips to the BRB, a bit of guess work here and there, and more rethinks than is par for the course. The upshot being that, by close of play Saturday evening (much of which was spent in the company of Strictly), most of the clues were solved, and part of the description of the hole, including TIGHT and GREAT, but large bits certainly were not as I had more than 27 letters in said perimeter, and apart from a few, all were gobbledegook.

What I did though have were the two descriptions of the filler that were decidedly BEARISH, leading to a suspicion regarding things Pooh that I should have acted on sooner.

As it was, it would be Sunday afternoon while sitting in the sun, and the long wait until the booked time for the twins’ Covid vaccinations (tensions therefore running as high as would be expected), before I settled on HERA for the Olympian (queen as it turns out not indicating ER but being part of the definition), and INANEST which had been there in plain sight all along, thus obviating the need to add yet more letters to the grid.

The perimeter then presumably: A WEDGED BEAR IN GREAT TIGHTNESS.

It had already occurred that the I in the blocked off square might, well, be an eye. I’ve made it look a little like one, though I’m not sure if that’s what was intended.

And spotted RABBITS HOWSE, with one S mirrored, as per the illustration from Disney’s version of how Pooh went to visit Rabbit and rather unfortunately got stuck in the doorway. Duly highlighted.

The last stage of the game would be Nimrod’s invitation to solvers of an artistic bent “to add colour and detail to the filler.” Quite how well my artistic skills measure up I will leave it to the reader to judge. But before I do, thanks to Nimrod for the challenge, and apologies in advance for any errors because, I suspect, there will be some, such was the nature of the challenge, and me being a bear of very little brain indeed.

Behold, the beast.


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  1. Saboteur said

    I do enjoy reading your Inquisitor blogs, and today’s was worth it for the picture alone!

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