Inquisitor 1716 Excess Baggage by Vagans

September 21, 2021

Early Autumn, but still warm enough to sit outside with a freshly minted copy of the i Weekend. Bees are buzzing around, leaves beginning to fall. All is quiet except for the sound of a hammer and nail gun going ten to the dozen next door, the retired gentleman there having decided that the weekend would be a handy time to get on with all those jobs he’s been putting off all week.

Oh well. The kids have gone to a friend’s house, so some peace can be guaranteed for the moment, at least.

Vagans, a new setter it seems, with an excess of baggage but a straightforward preamble for what seems like the first time in weeks. Extra letters, a spot of highlighting, bish bash bosh.

All in all the grid fill was pretty gentle, until that is I confidently entered COLOUR SCREEN rather than the correct COLOUR GUARDS for 2ac and ended up in a bit of a pickle in the NE corner. Oh well, again. Elsewhere we had a smile evoking definition at 23ac, and a bit of a red-herring regarding the upcoming highlighting with DEMI-DEVIL. And, oh, a really obscure acronym with BUNAC that to solvers of a suspicious mind such as myself will have screamed out – hereabouts be thematic words that forced the setter to go delving into the depths of the big red book.

Talking of books, I didn’t get all of the letters (no surprise there) that made up INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO, but enough, together with a spot of DANTE, to infer that we were looking for the Divine Comedy, even if in the Italian, and a character I didn’t know called BEATRICE. Thankfully we have Wikipedia to hand these days to sort out such doubts.

All of which was a pretty gentle and enjoyable solve, so thanks, welcome, and more please, Vagans.


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