Inquisitor 1713 Eyedrops by Jaques

August 31, 2021

I’m guessing we all sat down this week in the sure and certain knowledge that given two identical grids to fill in, that we would get them the wrong round. And so it was that, despite having decided – not this time – and resolutely pencilled in answers beside the clues in the vain hope that an inkling might emerge, when I eventually did decide – bugger it – and started lobbing the things in realising that any completion would be a long way off otherwise, jotted in TWENTY TWENTY (vision) across the top of the grid, and then worked out that the only alternative letters that would fit for the earlier situation were PATTER PITTER, it became clear that yes, yet again, I’d jumped the wrong way.

Which is what scissors and sellotape are made for. So out with both, a handy cut and paste, PITTER PATTER jotted below the grid, and bob’s your uncle.

Which makes it sound like the rest was a doddle, but mashed together clues really aren’t my strong point. Though once I’d got into the swing of spotting the extra letters joining them, I will admit that progress was more akin to a steady stroll than a crawl.


Now that the rain has gone, which it never really did for much of Saturday in this neck of the woods, but we can’t blame Jaques for that.

I would mention the clues I ended up guessing, those I couldn’t parse fully, and so on, but I can’t read my own writing, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or, alternatively, look for errors in the grid, because I’m convinced there may be some.

My own writing was what did cause issues at the close, have jotted the hidden NODDLE into the grid as NOODLE, which made sorting out ADDER somewhat more painful than it needed to be. How I laughed when I realised my foolish error.

Done. Another one that fell together quite nicely in between various trips out into the steady rain that assailed us. And Sunday, when I wrote this? Sunday the sun did come out.


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