i Cryptic Crossword 3291 Eccles

August 25, 2021

Difficulty rating (out of five): 🌟🌟🌟

Eccles today with a puzzle that was about three quarters fairly straightforward, and then there was the NW corner (and 17ac!) Regarding the latter, I’m still unsure why “switch” is a suitable synonym, but nobody seems to have questioned it on the other side so perhaps I’m just being dim. There is though some debate there regarding 1ac, but the definition’s in Chambers so it’s fine as far as I’m concerned. 9ac I wanted to be FOLIATED for far too long despite all evidence to the contrary, which caused more trouble than was strictly necessary in retrospect. 12ac didn’t come out at all well in the app version, being generally a mess of HTML, but fortunately it was one of those that didn’t really require recourse to the wordplay. Enjoyable throughout, with a sprinkling of low-brow humour that will appealed to some and not to others.

COD? I’ll go with 16a – “How duck can be spicy when cooked with a bit of rice (6)”.

To June 2017 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3291 Eccles”

  1. Willow said

    I very much enjoyed this – thank you – and appreciated the mix of easier and decidedly more difficult clues: 3* is the right level, I think. 2d was brilliant for its misdirection, and 11a for its (now obvious in retrospect) straightforwardness. All clues were carefully and thoughtfully crafted. My personal CoD was for CITADEL. A couple of slightly ordure-related references didn’t really spoil this for me.

  2. Cornick said

    Great puzzle – especially ACORN and MANURE, but lots of other laughs. Fairness and fun – what’s not to like?
    Well, maybe not a massive fan of either β€˜unit’ to define INGREDIENT or β€˜contracting’ as a last letter deletion in 4d, but those two were your favourites Willow, which reminds me of the old adage about pleasing people…

  3. Saboteur said

    Another one that I found a little tougher than I expected, but I enjoyed the challenge, and found it a rewarding solve. FERULE was my last one on, and I did have to think about it, the double-R “ferrule” being a word I knew, but not the single-R one, and the definition seemed iffy.

    Completely agree about MANURE and ACORN; the latter being genuinely laugh-out-loud.

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