Inquisitor 1712 Your Case by Kruger

August 24, 2021

MARX this week, one of the other ones. We don’t seem to meet him very regularly in crosswords as far as I can remember, though it’s entirely possible my memory is failing me once again. I almost forgot to highlight him at the close, partly because I was relieved to finish what was a reasonably tough offering, but also because as ever I failed to read the preamble properly, or to actually reach the end of it at all, it appears.

I’ve not been feeling tip-top this weekend either, which might also be an influencing factor, but such is the upshot of a “lively” first week back at work.

Worthy of note might also be the lack of real words in some entries meaning that there was little place to hide from mediocre solving skills and a lax attitude when it comes to parsing clues. Because, as expected on reading the bits of the preamble I did get round to, some answers are rather too long for the space available, various synonyms for face being 16ac’d. It would indeed be one of these, RE(SIDE)NTIAL that would confound me for an age at the close, together with (finger crossed) 32ac, which I’ve to be quite frank guessed based on ?ERD.

Also causing much puzzlement was the number of anagrams that needed a little more work on the constituent parts before unscrambling. Does this mean that they’re indirect anagrams? The matter will remain at least temporarily unresolved as, while I scribbled down one example and distinctly remember pondering the matter, I can’t read my own writing now. We wait with bated breath on Fifteensquared.

I distinctly remember putting a number of ticks beside one clue I was particularly impressed with too, but can’t find that either. Sometimes I wonder if I’m suffering a glitch in the matrix.

Oh yes, jumbled definitions yielding extra letters. They give part of a quote from Groucho Marx, which is where we came in. I’ve got them all too.

I NEVER FORGET A FACE BUT… “in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception.”

Which all falls together rather neatly, so thanks, Kruger, for a worthy and enjoyable challenge.


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