Inquisitor 1710 The Lord and the Lady by Ifor

August 10, 2021

This was solved during the second week of what now seems like a distant holiday, and I’m blogging in reverse order, so as well as my copy looking somewhat battered, my memory of the same is also somewhat faded, so apologies to Ifor for what will be a brief and sketchy run through.

Some clues lead to the Lady, others to the Lord and a remark. The gimmick for the former I think is one I’ve not seen before (unique letter(s) from an extra word that aren’t in the answer). But even when I’ve not spent a week in the sun imbibing of the local beer my memory is somewhat hazy, so I could be wrong.

What I do remember is working steadily through this over the course of one evening, interrupted only by the answering of questions on the Chase which Challenge have up several episodes a night daily.

Letters leading to the Lady? Enough to identify and confirm via the ones I’d missed DAPHNE DU MAURIER (though it appears I never did get the I).

Letters removed from the 5 letter answers? They would be anagrams of STAIR.

Erroneous / corrected letters from the other ones? I haven’t got them all, and must say I’m not convinced about the ones I have, but for what it’s worth: IB / RA / NO / CN if I can read my own writing.

All of which, with a little help from Google, reveals that the Lady in question wrote a book about Francis Bacon called The Winding Stair, and that the phrase we’re looking to highlight (minus the first A) is: “All rising to a great place is by a winding stair”.

Which, look, can be found suitably winding in the finished grid.

Job done, and now… Back to real life.


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