Inquisitor 1709 Proper by Vismut

August 3, 2021

Firstly – yes, I know, I wasn’t supposed to highlight the county. Well, in my defence this part of the solve was completed at 9PM in a local park while the youngst two were taking full advantage of the empty facilities and I was struggling with the fading light.

And fading faculties too, it seems, as while I believe I have a full set of incorrect and corrected letters, they do not appear to make a lot of sense. Scratch that, any sense. Perhaps something is amiss. It is possible the apparently full grid fill is less than, though I did get both of the clashes despite missing the bit of the preamble that referenced them. The hazards of solving while on holiday and having other things on your mind, such as the local beer and cake. The sun is still shining too, though with a rude overnight interlude forecast for one of the increasingly frequent storms that are assailing the country.

Thankfully after an uneventful grid fill, apart from the above, I noticed JAM, CREAM, plumped for DEVON after a brief consultation with Google (Cornick I suspect will be suitably aghast), and only spotted SCONE having highlighted all of the above when I was penning in the rest of the grid, which is about where we started.

Oh well, you get the gist of it. Another fun theme, another grid fill I thought I’d got to grips with but evidently hadn’t, and a great way to end Ladies’ Month.

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