i Cryptic Crossword 3269 Wiglaf

July 30, 2021

After a couple of meaty crosswords, I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning. Most of this entertaining and enjoyable offering I positively rattled through – until my last half-dozen, which took nearly as long as the previous twenty or so.

There was some neat stuff going on. I did like “rear view of a Parisian” for “nu”. I was puzzled for a bit by “l” being clued by “term in jail” until I realised it meant “terminal”. As for “vg”, well, it was ages before I worked that one out after speculating on all matters Russian. I needed to check on the Michael Moore film, and on LENTIGO, NECROLOGY and REPLETION, but all were clearly clued so I knew what I was checking (and if I hadn’t been blogging I probably wouldn’t have bothered).

My last one in was STEELIE, which eluded me until I just guessed; I couldn’t spot any connection in my dictionaries and so put “steelie alley” into Google, was directed to the Wikipedia page on “marble (toy)” and it finally fell into place.

Special mention goes to the nicely anagrammatised LUIGI PIRANDELLO, but for me there was no doubt that the clue of the day had to be 9ac: “The last thing Picasso drew? (9)”.

Follow this link for the answers and explanations: http://www.fifteensquared.net/2017/04/08/independent-9512-by-wiglaf-saturday-puzzle-8-april-2017/

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3269 Wiglaf”

  1. dtw42 said

    DNF here due entirely to 19a and 19d. I had ‘social’ pencilled in the margin but couldn’t see how it might work so didn’t write it in, and had no idea about 19a.
    Everything else went in though, including some very tricksy stuff. My favourite though was 11a, just because CLOTH-EARS is such a wonderful phrase.

  2. thebargee said

    Well, a lousy end to a lousy week of DNFs. If I don’t finish one soon I think I’ll give up!

  3. Brock said

    Indeed, I was all set to say what a good puzzle it was until I was completely thrown off course by the intricacies of the SE corner.

    But back to the more accessible stuff. Several ticks including 10a, 13a, 21a and the aforementioned 9d; my personal Clue of the Day, though, was 5d for its conciseness (“sylvan” to define the three-word phrase OF THE WOODS was brilliant, I thought). Wasn’t too keen on “for” = TO in 1a, but no real quibbles otherwise…

    …until I got to the knotted mess of 16a/19a/19d. 19a was an obscure word clued in a less than straightforward fashion – and what was the significance of the italics for “this”? This prevented me from getting both 16d and 19d from the crossers, and since 19d depended on 16d for the wordplay, there was no chance of getting it at all without recognizing “do” as the definition. Even now I don’t understand why SO = “very good”, and I didn’t recognize CL for “class”. I [i]did[/i] twig that “1A” probably meant the letters “IA” rather than the answer to 1a, but it was of little help.

    So I can’t call it an enjoyable puzzle overall, but I enjoyed the bits I could understand!

  4. Henri said

    Finished with several unparsed, or only partially. 11 ac my first in, and my favourite.

  5. Cornick said

    10a, 11a, 17a, 5d were my favourites – lots to like in fact, but on a day with 9 1/2 hours spent driving to London in traffic, so apologies for late comment.

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