i Cryptic Crossword 3241 eXternal

June 28, 2021

One of eXternal’s rarish Monday outings kicks us off this week. Of about middling difficulty I thought, with what looked certain to be a pangram when the Z surfaced in 1ac turning out not to be so. We had a bit of geography regular readers will be astonished to learn that I did for reasons I can’t fathom know, a gang member it took me far too long to twig despite guessing the source material immediately, a crossword staple at 9ac, and just the two I failed to parse (24ac and 19d). Elsewhere 5d I discovered I can’t spell, and 2d I was pleased to get despite nagging doubts in my mind as to whether USS was actually a real thing or just a fictional starship prefix. Quality stuff and enjoyable as expected.

COD? I’ll go with 8d – “Gents, maybe, cut up when brought in to view new TV show (5,5)”.

To February 2017 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


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  1. dtw42 said

    I zipped through most of that, and then (a) was extremely reluctant to put in what looked like the obvious answer to 15dn because I couldn’t believe they’d allow SEA both in the clue and the solutions, and (b) as a result of that, 26ac held me up for quite a while.

    (12 and 13 also took a while … trying to pick from a century of cartoon princesses is not easy.)

  2. Denzo said

    I agree with most of the above; similar to yesterday’s in absence of much which was particularly easy or difficult. Apart from pausing slightly on 15d like dtw42, it also took a while to see RELUCTANT as a synonym of BACKWARD – again a tad like yesterday’s BILLET.
    I liked the long anagrams at 5d and 20a; Favourite was 13a.

  3. Cornick said

    Good puzzle – all fully understood with the exception of the Disney princess called Anna – is that the one set in Russia? Well, that’s why we have the link to Fifteensquared I suppose…

  4. Brock said

    Got through this in about average time. Favourite had to be 20a, with an honourable mention to 25a. Didn’t recognize H = “landing point” in 2d but it was easy to guess. Thought 6d was a bit weak as a double definition; the two definitions seemed to coincide, or at least overlap. (I looked for some hidden wordplay, but there appears to be none.)

    I agree with dtw42 about 15d (and was held up on 26a for the same reason). In addition, I barely knew the word and assumed it would function as its own plural, like “aircraft”. Not a great clue in my view.

    • tonnelier said

      I think 6d is re (on) inserted into ageing

      • Brock said

        Ah – thanks! The blogger (Pierre) missed this on Fifteensquared, but I see that it was mentioned in Richard Heald’s comment. Makes much more sense now.

  5. Willow said

    An engaging and enjoyable puzzle – many thanks. I have only modest quibbles: the clue for KINSFOLK could surely have been effected more fluidly by using Suffolk rather than Norfolk; and the clue for ACES was a bit overindulgent for such a small word. Minor issues. I particularly enjoyed ARTFUL DODGER, SCULPTOR and FLEET.

  6. Saboteur said

    ANNA was my last in, a lucky guess. Couldn’t parse it and had no idea who the “animated princess” might be. Yes, I have seen Frozen, but I could remember only Ella.

    Otherwise all good and enjoyable.

  7. batarde said

    A remarkably unremarkable crossword. Didn’t like 15d; did like 24ac … otherwise autopilot stuff.

  8. dtw42 said

    …may I do a bit of plugging?
    (admins feel free to kick into the long grass if not)

    The Void and I have launched “Off-Grid: The not-really-about-crosswords podcast”, and the pilot episode is now up at offgrid.tlmb.net

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