Inquisitor 1701 Foul Play by The Ace of Hearts

June 8, 2021

Five normal clues that are not, others with letters to remove before solving. Yes, it’s that rarity, a Bank Holiday weekend where for once it isn’t raining, barbecues are sizzling throughout the neighbourhood including one chez nous, and all is as expected in the world of the Inquisitor.

Which is to say a happy afternoon wrestling with clues that I found to be on the tough side, which probably means that the rest of you sailed through them, though I suspect the correct term for town councils in Spain isn’t one that trips off anybody’s tongue. On the other hand, there aren’t that many Japanese schools to pick from, and this week’s setter has had the good grace to pick one of the few dinosaurs I can spell.

As I appear to have a full set of extra letters present and correct, perhaps the clues weren’t that impenetrable after all. Though it did take an age to spot that the gimmick with the normal clues wasn’t an anagram of same, chopping the answers short, or a gazillion other things I considered at first, but in fact the insertion of metals of various descriptions into the answers. Yes, no matter how many times I remind myself to ignore the numbering in clues, the simple anagram at 1ac was the last thing I considered and one of my last ones in too.


At least if I can read my own writing, which is never a mean feat.

Handily, a quick Google search means we don’t have to scour the BRB for CESTUS, though it took me rather longer (embarrassingly so some would say), to actually find and highlight the thing.

All of which kept me entertained over the course of what has been a jolly pleasant weekend. So thanks to all, and signing off with still some time to spare.


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