i Cryptic Crossword 3220 Tees

June 3, 2021

Tees today, so as I’ve said before it’s difficult to know what you’re going to get as he seems to swing between full on prize puzzle mode and easy going IoS reprint. Well, what we had today was something that, while being a Thursday Independent reprint, which is usually a sign of a pretty tough puzzle, was quite accessible, with even the obscurities (I’m looking at you, 9ac) pretty gettable with a little bit of thought. We had two very long answers down the left and right hand sides to open things up nicely, the latter leading to a Soviet leader for which there were few available choices. Elsewhere AMOEBAS was a little too tempting at 11ac, and 24ac amused. Is 16d a valid name for the port without any indication that it’s now an archaism (if Wikipedia is to be believed)? I for one didn’t know the modern term, so it’s probably fair game. Finish time a little above par with much entertainment to be found throughout.

COD? Let’s go with 8d – “Bet was placed here, evens, with truth and error recalculated (3,6,6)”.

To January 2017 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


14 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3220 Tees”

  1. dtw42 said

    Well, who knew what a male lobster was called? Tat was my LOI (after 17ac, 17dn, and then 24ac, in that order).
    6dn was new to me; 19ac was a bit of an odd definition.
    Once I got it, I did like 17dn though; thought that was very nice so would be my COD.
    (Yes, I too was for too long tempted by AMOEBAS – so presumably 2dn was harder than 1 or 3!)

  2. batarde said

    Male lobsters … another bit of trivia I seem to have squirrelled away for no apparent reason. The bird seems vaguely familiar, but I’m probably kidding myself. All thoroughly enjoyable, especially the penny drop moment when the bubbly confectionery finally came to mind. In addition to those mentioned above, 14ac impressed me as a pretty elegant clue for an ungainly word.

  3. Saboteur said

    No, I didn’t know what to call a male lobster, either (except, possibly “lunch”). Also needed to check on THRESHER, although so obviously clued was it that I want really in any doubt. HUMAN CANNONBALL was my last in, and got from putting the crossers into crosswordsolver, and it resulted in a very pleasing penny-drop to round off an enjoyable puzzle.

    • dtw42 said

      …funny how our brains all work differently – I think the HUMAN CANNONBALL was my *first* one in! 😀

      (I’m sure you meant to type THRASHER there)

      • Saboteur said

        Ha, ha! Yes, auto-correct, or predictive text so often seems to know better than me…

  4. Topsy said

    Once again, distraction meant that this was a DNF but I enjoyed the ones I managed. Re 16d, it was very clear what the answer was which led straight on to 8d. Re 9ac, having suffered greatly as a child I was only too aware of it. I like doing quizzes so I will be adding a few of these answers to my trivia knowledge!

  5. Gasmanjack said

    1d – requires someone of a certain calibre!

  6. thebargee said

    Good fun all round but ran out of time with 3 in the SW not filled in, so a DNF. Even if I’d solved them it would have been a DNF, as I was convinced that 1d had something to do with Alan Sugar and The Apprentice. SUGAR CANNONBALL anyone?

    As dtw42 says, it’s funny how our brains work differently – 9a was my FOI and a write-in, being a sometime sufferer of this extremely irritating condition. Thankfully no longer a problem.

  7. Veronica said

    Not a sufferer, but I knew URTICARIA, so I’m another who wrote that in straight away, ditto with AEROBES.

    Ah, but not a Coronation Street watcher, so 8 down was my LOI in after quite a struggle! Amazing how hard an anagram can be! I sat there convinced about “the,” yet failing to find any other word despite all the crossers.

    But everything was so well clued, it was all fathomable – even if a couple required a quick confirmation google search – yep, that THRASHER included.

    Really lovely puzzle, which I didn’t find easy, but which repaid perseverance. Particularly liked HUMAN CANNONBALL and LATECOMER.

  8. John E said

    I have never watched Coronation Street, but knew just enough about it to solve 16d and see what 8d had to be (although the ‘bet’ reference meant nothing to me).

  9. Polly Fonnick said

    Re 8d, I had all the acrossers except the V, but playing with the anagram fodder I toyed with SEVERN; once I’d used the V to get 14a the rest fell into place. Great puzzle – a good workout.

  10. Cornick said

    Running a day late.
    8d is the answer to one of the most famous clues of all time: ‘Bar of soap?’ by Rufus, so pretty brave of Tees to take it on in, and pull it off too.
    Quite a few QMs in my margin (male lobster, UR as a prefix, that bird etc,) but all solved satisfactorily sans aids which must count for something. Like Batarde I was also impressed by the neatness of the clue for Khrushchev,

  11. Willow said

    Also running a day late …

    Very enjoyable – thank you – and stimulating. I suppose Male Lobster could just have been clued “Male …?” But then we wouldn’t have had to look it up in Chambers, and wouldn’t have learned a new fact

    Welcome to some new contributors I, for one, haven’t heard from before.

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