Inquisitor 1700 HMS Conqueror by PINK

June 1, 2021

Another significant landmark in Inquisitor numbering rolls around, and with it yet again the suspicion that all is not well with my solution. This was a weekend when I didn’t get a clear run at the puzzle, being distracted by the national embarrassment that was Eurovision and preparation for the celebrations thereof, and also the enjoyment of a fleeting bout of fine weather with a stroll through some local beauty spots that to my shame I didn’t know existed until this weekend.

Regular readers won’t be surprised at my being lacking in the powers of observation department. They would though be surprised to learn that, despite solving part of this in the car park of the local Sainsburys, and the presence of not one but two gimmicks, that progress was reasonably rapid. Aided, it must be said, by the confirmed suspicion of the presumed highlighting while waiting in said car park, CLOCK-WATCHING looking like a likely completion of letters so far pencilled in.

My son made the mistake of picking this week’s puzzle to have a look at, as the one clue he attempted, 1ac, was one that had me baffled too until the bitter end, when it became clear that it was one of many missing MINs, SECs and HOURs. Though I remain suspicious that I may have missed some (or miscounted altogether) because…

The clues from which we had to remove T’s before solving, the fifth letters of which reveal the message KNOCKING OFF TIME (and no, I didn’t get all those first time around, and had to make another rapid run through the clues) presumably mean that we have to knock minutes, seconds and hours off 17:00. Which I’ve done, but 14:55:57 doesn’t look particularly significant to me. Thus my suspicion that my parsing of the clues has let me down somewhere.

Oh well, I am though more confident in my highlighting, and enjoyed the puzzle. So, with fingers crossed, thanks to all concerned, and in anticipation of a further outing for PINK with, presumably number 1800…


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