Inquisitor 1699 An Alternative Guide to Wonderland by Phi

May 25, 2021

I’d forgotten that Phi had trailed this week’s Inquisitor in his blog (as well as an upcoming shared appearance for 1700), but, well, here he is. Additional words, mislaid letters and all.

This week finds me unusually rested having taken the opportunity to get the recommended 8 hours and more, and you know what? I’ve still been defeated by 4d. The additional word is clear as day, and symmetry says that all the letters of the answer must be ones not given by the clue, which means that it must be a definition of “take off Scots”, but I can’t find anything in the BRB that matches. REAM it is then (and the keen eyed among you will note that wasn’t even my first choice) purely because it has “Scots” beside it in the dictionary.

But first came an interesting, odd grid fill. Lots of letters omitted from wordplay equals lots of trips to the BRB, which I suspect I’m not alone in finding to be a pleasant way of passing some time. Obscurities being aplenty, it could safely be said to have been an instructive one too, although I suspect AMPHISBAENA is one that will be forgotten by tomorrow.

A little Google on who might fit MARY?HASE leads to MARY CHASE, HARVEY, ELWOOD P DOWD, and POOKA. Google being required because it’s one of those plays / films I’ve inevitably been aware of but never seen.

My “shading” (I’ve ignored the instructions and used highlighters because you won’t be able to see it otherwise) is a mix of the knowledgeable (those bits I think I’ve parsed), and the not so (bits where I relied on symmetry). If I’ve missed anything in addition to the 4d cock-up, well, I wouldn’t be surprised. I suppose it looks a bit like a rabbit.

Thus job done, of sorts. Not the most difficult offering we’ve had, but an enjoyable one, so thanks Phi.


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  1. 4d REAM means “skim” – to take off

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