i Cryptic Crossword 3187 Tees

April 26, 2021

We begin the week rather unexpectedly with a Thursday reprint from Tees. Now, this setter is one I usually struggle with, so it was no surprise that I finished with a full grid but no idea how a number of the clues were supposed to work. To be fair I’m not at my best on a Monday morning, and I was in a hurry (thus the rather short summary) so didn’t linger unnecessarily, because looking back everything seems to be fair, clear and above board, which is as expected of course. On the plus side, despite never being able to spell the actor, that Z was a bit of a gift, wasn’t it? Finish time surprisingly at the close under par for the i, though I would never describe it as being comfortably so, this being a bit of a seat-of-your pants solve.

COD? If only for the cheeky definition, 22ac – “Nothing stops Le Pen, the devious dog! (9)”.

To April 2017 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


11 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3187 Tees”

  1. Denzo said

    A very enjoyable solve, not too easy, almost completely parsed, and the few obscure definitions with friendly wordplay. DNF for me as I retired 21 years ago in the days of boozy lunches rather than power breakfasts.

    • allan_c said

      You obviously didn’t work in the same industry as me. I only retired 15 years ago but by then boozy lunches had long been taboo.

  2. dtw42 said

    Pretty swift completion here 🙂
    No marginal notes either positive or negative.

  3. Saboteur said

    Yes, a nice enjoyable solve, just right for a Monday morning.

    Didn’t get the “dog (and bone)” for telephone, but it is a great clue! Didn’t know “ba for “soul”, or NELUMBO, but both easily solved.

    Impressed by SCHWARZENEGGER, although, as Jonofwales said, once the Z was in, it was clear what the answer would most likely be.

  4. Veronica said

    Splendid crossword, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    I did think this was going nowhere at first. Only one completed on first reading, and then nothing for a while. But, gradually, all fell into place.
    I had lots of ticks – my sort of clues! Of these, my favourites were Jon’s CoD, POWER BREAKFAST, and COBWEB.
    Denzo – I think boozy lunches are probably more fun than power breakfasts, but I cannot say from experience, since I’ve only tried one of these as well 😮.

  5. Cornick said

    Just right. Always enjoy being teased by Tees.

  6. thebargee said

    Pretty much what Saboteur said. I was writing the anagram letters for 8d in the margin next to the ones I’d already written for 22d when the word TELEPHONE leapt out at me. Only then did I get the dog reference.

    All very enjoyable and a good start to the week.

  7. batarde said

    Yup. Liked 4d almost as much as the CoD.

  8. Willow said

    I completed this in a reasonable amount of time, parsed everything, and found it mostly quite satisfying. A few minor quibbles: Oh, for zero, and the use of Demands in 23D, but otherwise fine.

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