Inquisitor 1694 Link by Augeas

April 20, 2021

Saturday Inquisitor solves usually follow a night of what-I-like-to-call bacchanalian excess consisting of drinks and a marathon Top of the Pops session courtesy of BBC4. The COVID vaccine having put paid to the former (my head being bad enough as it is), and the badly timed demise of Phil to the latter (together with the rest of the TV schedule it would appear for the foreseeable), this one found me decidedly clear headed following a good night’s sleep, if still feeling slightly… odd.

Odd was a word which could best be applied to this week’s preamble, much of which it transpired could be safely ignored. Yes, we had lots of different gimmicks to apply to the clues when solving, and yes there was a spot of highlighting at the close, but all that stuff about grouping gimmicky things could be put to one side, as all that was required was to pick an appropriate gimmicked letter from each clue in order to give a list of tube lines plus the DOCKLANDS LIGHT RY (yep, there’s your abbreviation).

Not that I’m complaining, because my powers of deduction were waning at this point, despite a less than trying grid fill, albeit with some decidedly exciting picks from the BRB. The unlikely looking CTENE, RECOURE and BESSARABIAN were among my favourites, though the latter contains the sort of element that setters must thank the crossword gods for the existence of.

So, at the close with BANK and MONUMENT to the top and bottom of the grid, which link the aforementioned NORTHERN, CENTRAL, CIRCLE and DISTRICT LINES with the DLR, it was just left to work out what to highlight to link them. I guessed several hours before I spotted it what shape would be required, just from a tube map, but it would only be very late that night that I spotted ESCALATOR CONNECTION and finally whipped out the highlighters.

So job done, and enjoyed, but tell me I wasn’t the only person to look at that preamble and think – you what?


2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1694 Link by Augeas”

  1. Saboteur said

    Nice blog, as usual Jon.

    I once, when crossing London, made the mistake of changing from Bank to Monument. I think it went via Cockfosters, so long did I seem to be travelling.

    • jonofwales said

      Thanks. šŸ™‚ It’s all making me very nostalgic for days when popping up to London and riding the tube wasn’t quite the adventure it feels like now.

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