Inquisitor 1692 Clue Two V by eXternal

April 6, 2021

It is one of those odd coincidences that, this lunchtime, we talked for a while about one of my favourite TV shows, being Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner, only for it to rather unexpectedly turn out to be the theme of the day’s Inquisitor. Yes, I’ve been to the location at 1ac, and popped down to the beach where the lines we had to highlight in the finished grid were uttered, visited Number Six’s house which used to be the fanclub shop, and posed for photos in all The Village landmarks. Thus, this for me was the PDM to end all PDM’s.

Before that, though, came a bit of a tussle with a grid that took rather a long time to fill. Clues that were relatively free of gimmickry barring some letters to drop and ones missing from wordplay were ever likely to be so, but I still managed to make heavy weather of them. In retrospect entries such as PARIS, SLALOMS and SPIRIT were gimmes, so it’s possible that my senses were somewhat dulled this afternoon. On the plus side, it was a solve that accelerated rapidly halfway through on divining THE PRISONER along the bottom of the grid, and quickly jotting in PORTMEIRION across the top. I wonder how many solvers in despair turned to word searchers for 1ac only to find that the computer said no?

Just the “guardians” to spot, O’s by the look of things, presumably representing Rover, the weather balloon that was the slightly odd choice of Village guardian (fun fact – it was a last minute substitution after the device put together by the technical crew failed the first time it hit the water). Is my route the shortest across the grid to mark the escape route? That I’m not sure of, but the highlighting looks likely (alternate, horizontally and vertically), so I’m going with it.

Oh yes, I AM A FREE MAN along the bottom, although Number 6 almost certainly wasn’t at the end of Fall Out.

Needless to say, whether my solution is right or wrong, that was one that was right up my street, and thus elicited a very big grin from about halfway through. Here’s The Prisoner by Tears For Fears’ from The Hurting, which back in the day Prisoner fans would swear blind synced perfectly with Arrival. They may have a point.

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