i Cryptic Crossword 3164 Vigo

March 30, 2021

I had misgivings about this puzzle, which seemed to be full of perils and portents of doom. As it turns out Vigo had something more specific on her mind. This is well outside what I like to think of as my areas of competence, but if anyone picked up on the theme, well done, kid. 🙂

When Vigo’s crosswords started to appear I misjudged her badly, mistaking the clear and direct style for a lack of sophistication. To be fair, the first couple were remarkably straightforward, but it’s become clear that this is a setter who prioritises entertainment and has some neat tricks up her sleeve. Incongruous juxtapositions are a particular trademark, giving proceedings a sprinkling of surrealism. Anyway, pleased to set the record straight: my fault for not paying due attention to surface readings.

Today, then, we find the setter getting high on board a ship; dismemberment with inappropriate cutlery; deer without feet and spirits without heads, and so on. Also a word which only Vigo and Cornick can spell, put in for sheer devilment I imagine, unless there’s a Buffy connection. Oh yes, nearly forgot James Bond’s latest adventure and Spooner’s supper. All good knockabout fun, and if I single out 4ac, 17 and 18, that’s merely a personal choice. The COD, however, did seem to be jumping up and down insisting that I pick it:

3d: “Stockholders step back after French article (7)”

The original publication date was in March 2017, by which time the average number of comments at Fifteensquared had risen noticeably. They are worth perusing for a sighting of our own Cornick; Hoskins’ guide to the use of ellipsis, and a few handy mnemonics.

14 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3164 Vigo”

  1. Saboteur said

    One of the reasons I like doing the i crosswords is the great variety one gets. A few days ago it was a nice chewy Serpent to get ones teeth into, and today a much more accessible Vigo, which was quick and easy but just as delightful in its own way. As Batarde has pointed out there was some nice creative cluing on display. In particular, the definition of LARIATS as “stockholders” was great.

    I did think there was a bit of a life-after-death flavour to it, but missed the Buffy thing.


  2. tonnelier said

    Buffy? No idea, but it couldn’t matter less. I liked this a lot, completing in average time but not without some head scratching, notably on AWAKENED and HARVEST. Stupidly I took far too long to spot ANGEL which didn’t help with LARIATS, surely the toughest (and best?) clue. I also appreciated the excellent and totally unexceptionable homophone, especially after yesterday’s abomination.

  3. jonofwales said

    Yes, a great puzzle over very quickly, with only SPARSE causing any issues at the close. I love the series in question, and have seen most of it at least twice, but can honestly say that I couldn’t name the title of a single episode. Not paying enough attention, obviously…

  4. dtw42 said

    Buffiness passed me by; have never seen a single episode. I did 85% of this pretty swiftly and then must admit I needed a bit of assistance for the last handful of words. My only marginal comment was the word “stockholders” circled and with an “!” next to it! 😛
    Yes, ANGEL took me too long to spot too, ironically following my comment yesterday about starting the day with that setter’s Indy puzzle.

  5. Denzo said

    This was a good quality crossword, which I found more challenging than others by Vigo, which might because I am undr the inlfluence of painkilers after a fall and a fractured pelvic ramus. A slow start followed by steady rather than rapid progress. No big penny drops or guffaws, just a smile of admiration as each smooth-surfaced clue, all with fair wordplay gradually revealed itself. More from Vigo, please.

  6. Veronica said

    Best wishes, Denzo. Hope all goes well from here.

    Crossword required spousal help today, and it took us a long time to complete (which is good rather than bad). Pretty well agree with everyone else. There were a few clues/answers that seemed a bit clumsy to me, but I didn’t mind because it was a good puzzle, with some excellent clues to work out.
    We loved watching Buffy. But I don’t take much notice of episode names. Surprisingly, I did notice there seemed a bit of a supernatural / death type theme.

    • allan_c said

      Not tackled the puzzle yet, but just popped in to say that the remark I quoted the other day about knowledge and wisdom wasn’t from Stephen Fry but by the late and much missed Miles Kington.

  7. Cornick said

    Very quick for the most part, but not because I had solved it 4 years ago – I had only popped by to look at Fifteensquared as I sometimes do and couldn’t resist contributing my little mnemonic.
    I did get held up twice though – first with my LOI AFTERLIFE for some reason, and then trying to detect a theme for a show I’ve heard about of course, but have never seen.
    All very good indeed from Vigo yet again, including the worthy COD.

  8. Willow said

    A really excellent puzzle with a plethora of outstanding clues. Many thanks.

  9. allan_c said

    The NE corner proved a bit stubborn (obviously I didn’t remember having solved it in 2017) but otherwise all fairly straightforward except for 23dn which I thought might be ‘clutch’ except that it had too many letters (and I couldn’t understand the desire bit).

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