i Cryptic Crossword 3160 Klingsor

March 25, 2021

A Saturday reprint draws us towards the end of the week, and one that I found to be a nice mix of the accessible with a few at the close, especially in the SW corner, that were a little more testing. In particular an obscure Mexican location mixed with some equally obscure wordplay was always going to be a sticking point, and I must admit to checking with Google. On the other hand in the same corner, 25ac was also pretty obscure but as clearly clued as you would like. Elsewhere I was tempted to lob in ELECTRO for 8d, except that nothing would then fit for 6ac, and failed to parse quite a few, in particular 12d. Finish time a little over par for the i on a morning when I was a little pushed for time.

COD? Much to enjoy, with both 19ac and 17d both worthy picks, but my nomination goes to 23d – “Daughter initially feared rabbit asking “What’s up, Doc?” (5)”.

To March 2017 once more for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


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  1. Cornick said

    Klingsor is always high quality stuff but this was him at the top of his game I thought. The COD had to be that – a true penny-drop moment if ever I saw one.

  2. Denzo said

    Agree with Jon and Cornick. There is a certain something about Klingsor’s puzzles that makes them appear more professional, and that is in no way disparagement of Dac or indeed most of the others. Even his slang is better quality than the norm. Though doable, they tend also to be tougher than most.

    So when I opened my paper I saw the name and feared. But 1a said “Fear not”, so I didn’t and almost immediately put in the answer.

    Although probably less tough than most by this setter, it was
    a DNF for me. I could not think outside the box of a delicacy being something to eat, so put in TACO at 18a, although it didn’t entirely parse. Similarly, MALIGN came to mind for 21d, and, though I believed I was looking for a synonym for “run down”, it somehow escaped me that malign could be other than an adjective.

    Perhaps I might have finished all correctly with a little more patience, but I feel no shame in being beaten by such an excellent puzzle which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. tonnelier said

    I found this very satisfying – a quicker solve than is usual with Klingsor, but with lots to admire, notably 9, 18 and 21, with the latter my favourite for its smoothly misleading surface. The maestro clue seemed a bit laboured, but that’s just me being fussy I expect.

  4. batarde said

    This felt like Klingsor Lite to me: same quality as usual but gentler. In fact I’d put this about on a par with yesterday’s for difficulty – or indeed any of the crosswords from Saturday onwards – so although it was enjoyable enough I now feel that we really are due something more weighty, please. Sorry about that, Saboteur. 🙂

  5. Saboteur said

    An excellent puzzle – and a little more accessible than I expected on seeing it was from Klingsor. Great clue constructions and lovely surface readings. Loved it.

    Completely agree about DWARF. Brilliant.

  6. dtw42 said

    You all know how I often struggle to get into Klingsor’s mindset. Not today – yet another pre-8am finish. (I’m gonna fall on my face tomorrow, I just know it…) 25ac was my LOI.

  7. Veronica said

    I really liked this one. Couldn’t quite finish it over lunch, but a little time away made the last two (25 and 21) fall into place on my return. Everything seemed top notch to me – helped, of course, by completing it and parsing it okay.
    Agree with Jon and everyone else about it – including that CoD, of course!
    Having finished quite a few recently, I’m expecting a horror soon … …

    • Veronica said

      … or, maybe, it’s just going to be the concise … where I’m struggling still 😯

      • jonofwales said

        I’m sure the concise has been getting more difficult of late. There have been days when it’s taken almost as long as the cryptic.

      • Veronica said

        I did indeed fail snd had to look up some answers. Thanks Jon, that made me feel better!

      • Saboteur said

        Yes, that makes me feel better as well! 🙂 Mind you, I didn’t think much of the clue for Street Theatre in today’s 5-clue.

      • jonofwales said

        It’s certainly not one I would have got without all the checking letters in place.

      • Saboteur said


  8. Topsy said

    I don’t comment much these days because I don’t want to spoil other people’s enjoyment with my negativity. Sadly, I don’t “enjoy” crosswords, I just “do” them to stave off senility! However, I thought I would pop in and say I had a go at the 5 clue puzzle today….. and failed miserably. Am considering changing my name to Eeyore!! 🙂

    • Veronica said

      Whisper it … I rarely do the 5 clue crossword because it’s too often too hard! Either it’s done in a flash, or can’t get enough crossing letters to help.
      I don’t mind negativity or positivity. Just interested in others experience.
      And that sounds a good reason to do crosswords to me!

  9. thebargee said

    Late start today, but well worth it. A very enjoyable solve, although technically a DNF as I needed an itsy-bitsy hint from my wife in the NE where my last few unsolved clues were. Agree with batarde, I think this must be on the gentle side for Klingsor as I normally struggle more.

    Totally agree about DWARF, as I wrote it in I thought to myself “bet this gets the nomination for COD”!

  10. Willow said

    Problems with Windows updates yesterday means this is a very late comment, but I thought the puzzle was brilliant! Beautifully crafted work. Thank you.

  11. allan_c said

    Nothing really to add to my comment on the 15^2 blog except that I didn’t think the Mexican location was all that obscure. But then some of us are of an age to remember Herb Alpert and his TIJUANA Brass.

    • Denzo said

      I’m almost too old to remember💀. However, it is joined almost seamlessly to San Diego in Caklifornia, and I am sure it has been in the news far more recently concerning drugs, walls or immigration if not all three. Didn’t get the 225 comment.

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