Guest Puzzle 6 by exit

February 14, 2021

Our irregular series of Guest Puzzles continues with exit, who last appeared two years ago. This week’s is an enjoyable puzzle that should appeal to solvers of all ability ranges, so do give it a go. To solve, follow the link below. All the answers and parsing follow. So beware, spoilers.

COD? With 15ac a close runner up, I’m going with 9d – “Dead, eh? Mistaken… (10)”.

But do let me know what you thought.


1 In strip-poker Nellie reveals middle (6)
A simple hidden word to kick us off

4 Big, old English, off trolley? (5)
An anagram of BIG O E

8 Boy at the bar is a relative by marriage (3-2-3)
“at the bar” as in the legal sense, and boy, well, boy.

10 Location of 26 having a motif? (6)
The answer to 26ac (spoilers!) might be found in THE MED

11 Musk in backward country to fit in (6)
ELON (Musk) inside a reversed GB

12 Gold piece essentially here in satellite (7)

13 Stew old green bananas for errand-boy (9)
MESS (which is apparently an old name for a stew) with an anagram of GREEN

14 The last word in Flamenco (4)
I’m guessing you spotted the hidden word

15 100 + 23 / 2 ? – Rubbish! (4)
C (remember your Roman numerals) + RAP, being half the answer to 23ac. Nice.

17 Punk’s leer troubled caver (9)
Being one of those words I’d never heard of before I started solving crosswords. It’s an anagram of PUNKS LEER

20 Note I received: “Journalist blindly devoted to cause” (7)
B (the musical note) I GOT ED

21 Party taken aback by various sour smells (6)
A reversal of DO together with an anagram of SOUR

23 Remove covering, run paw through mincer (6)
An anagram of RUN PAW

24 Clobber or KO Bond – with a twist it could let you out (8)
Being an anagram of OR KO BOND

25 Return of Ernani not right? Stupid! (5)
A reverse of the third word, missing the R

26 “Island City evacuated” – spin by America (6)
Remember this one, referenced earlier? It’s CitY PR (spin) US


1 In Denmark Ron exchanges currency (5)
Which is cunningly hidden…

2 Bankrupt setters holding nothing expensive (7)
RUIN + US (exit et al) holding O

3 Church backed royal speech therapist to produce poem (7)
Who by chance set yesterday’s Inquisitor. 🙂 EC (church reversed) + LOGUE, he of The King’s Speech

5 Crashed? Re-boot covers computer, initially for a month (7)
An anagram of RE-BOOT and the first letter from Computer

6 Reluctance to move train – i.e. when damaged (7)
Which I’m guessing many of us are feeling now. It’s an anagram of TRAIN IE

7 Try and listen to approval for speech? (4,4)
It’s one synonym of HEAR, and well, another

9 Dead eh? Mistaken… (11)
An anagram (WRONGed) of HEADED would give you “Dead, eh”. Very nicely done.

13 … about to die, with bone buried in a heap of earth (8)
RIB inside MOUND

16 Metal pin Igor fashioned (3,4)
Being an anagram of PIN IGOR

17 Assembled and going to attack (3,4)
SET UP (assembled) + going = ON

18 Fool guy sorted reports of strange aerial phenomena (7)
It’s an anagram of FOOL GUY

19 Criticise King Edward’s way of announcing arrival? (7)
KNOCK + ER (Edwardus Rex, according to the BRB)

22 Eliot, say, following port disturbances (5)
RIO, that port so handy for the crossword setter, and TS (Eliot)

8 Responses to “Guest Puzzle 6 by exit”

  1. Grodnik said

    A gentle and accessible solve while consuming my Sunday kipper. Finished without reference to external sources. Even knew 17ac. I guess “speleologist” was just too cavernous to fit in those tricky slots. Thanks Exit for cheering me up in these miserable times. NDY

  2. dtw42 said

    Yes, what Grodnik said. I’d agree with 9d being the CoD, though I did also like needing to recall the Geoffrey Rush performance for 3d, and had a tick against 7d.

  3. Cornick said

    Thanks for the entertainment on what would otherwise be a fallow day for crosswords, exit.
    I liked the homophone Nina across the top row and thought Jon’s choice for COD was outstanding. Also gaining appreciative ticks were 10a, 11a, 14a, 26a, 3d, 13d, and 17d.
    More please!

  4. Saboteur said

    Just right for a Sunday post-lunch solve, thanks, Exit. WRONGHEADED was great, and I liked the up-to-dateness of BELONG. I had vaguely heard of SPELUNKER, which I googled out of interest only, because it was clearly clued.

  5. exit said

    Thanks for the kind comments – glad it was appreciated.
    exit (aka allan_c)

  6. batarde said

    Thank you, Allan – that was fair, entertaining and the clues all read well. Like everyone else I had 9d as the COD, and along with everyone except Cornick I missed the two across the top. Nice work: hope we shall see more.

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