Inquisitor 1680 Testament of Youth by Lato

January 12, 2021

In which your hapless blogger, not content with having only an empty grid to offer last week, comes close to another abject failure.

Or: sometimes I wonder if this game is too hard for me?

Because on the grid beginning to fill quite nicely with a mix of normal clues and ones yielding extra letters, I thought hang about, they’ve scheduled an easy one to ease us into the New Year.

And then: no, I can’t do this.

Because the “helpful” message I had from extra letters read: WEDDING T NEEN O EDUCATION. Or something like that.

And I had an erroneous ANTEPOST slap bang across the middle of the grid.

The upshot being that by the end of Saturday I could well see that we had to mash together thematic answers, and pick off some bits, but I’d failed miserably to solve all of them, and could see no rhyme or reason to the bits selected. ENOCH, FOR SALE and HOOCH therefore being guesses, if I like to think educated ones. Perhaps the title will help? Nope. Google reveals that it’s the name of Vera Brittain’s first volume of memoirs, but none of the rest seems to fit.

It would be on waking Sunday morning that I suddenly thought WE DON’T NEED NO EDUCATION, and grasped like a drowning man to the feeble idea that we would be looking for Pink Floyd song titles. A nifty Google soon put paid to that.

So to a long hard slog, cold solving the thematics, and mashing them together in a way that is hopefully correct. So HOO(PLATO)CH, ENO(WHITE)CH, FORSA(KEATING)LE, and so on. I must admit to not knowing all the names, but there’s a a definite theme running through the ones I did. Don’t ask what the title’s supposed to mean, though. If some of my final answers are incorrect it would not surprise me, to be honest, because I struggled, oh yes how I struggled.

Which leads me back to the question at the start. Perhaps I’m really not up to this?

2021 will reveal all, no doubt.

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