i Cryptic Crossword 3094 Tees

January 7, 2021

After the excitement overnight of an ill conceived and executed incursion into the heart of American democracy, followed by a particularly icy morning when unfortunately I had to be out and about so spent a good five minutes defrosting the car, what do we have in the way of crossword entertainment? Thankfully something that was at the easier end of Tees’ range, given the fits and starts in which I solved it. The friendly longer answers either side of the grid will have given many solvers a head start, and elsewhere there were lots of clearly signalled definitions, and, oh, a local bit of Geography. 😉 Which is to say that until I got to the SW corner, I barely paused for breath. 19ac which was a little tricky, and a bit of a mind-freeze regarding 15d (too many entries for pub to choose from) and 24ac could fairly be blamed for the difficulties in that corner of the grid.

Of the obscurities I sort of knew 9ac, and 24ac couldn’t have been more clearly clued despite my failure to do so quickly, so no complaints here. Elsewhere there was the possibility of a slip-up with the anagram at 25ac, and 20d occasioned a rare trip to the dictionary for similar reasons.

Finish time a little under par for the i, and jolly good fun it was too.

COD? I’ll go with 1d – “Hate-mail from 26 opponents in disorder on Right (6-3,6)”.

To November 2016 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


15 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3094 Tees”

  1. thebargee said

    Yes, all very enjoyable and done’n’dusted in much less time than I was expecting. As Jon has said, the 2 long answers served to turbocharge my progress; I could almost say they were a bit too easy, requiring no more than a glance at the word-split to give the answers away without having to untangle any wordplay.

    I had to check the existence of 24 ac, 20dn and 7dn (my LOI), all new to me. I rather liked 21dn, especially as it led me up a gum tree for a while, thinking of Hank Marvin.

    • Cornick said

      If I were being kind to myself, I’d put my difficulty down to solving in the evening, but am I really dimmer after 7pm? I hope not!
      Three quarters of the puzzle was pure delight – right in my Goldilocks zone – but that SW corner had me beat. Lamp-holder was wrong, evidently, and to both cross trepang (unknown) with whatever 20d was, and also to define it with another word I don’t know, Beche-de-Mer – well, that let down an otherwise brilliant piece of work.
      Still, at least I knew what an oubliette was.

  2. Saboteur said

    Having thought first of all about a paranoid android, I found it hard to come up with any other Marvin. Only at the end when I looked at it afresh did Lee come to mind. Both TREPANG and “bêche-de-mer” were new to me, although the word-play and crossing letters left me in little doubt as to what I needed to look up on the internet. But I wish I hadn’t looked at the images, though. I love seafood, but… that?

    Otherwise all good fun and relatively accessible by Tees standards. A pleasure to solve.

  3. Denzo said

    I have always found Tees to be one of the more difficult setters, but I completed this in shorter time than yesterday’s by Dac. However, the SE corner took considerably longer than the sum of the other three and, easy though I now see it, LURE defeated me, so a DNF!

    Otherwise I agree with Jon’s comments, having encountered the same difficult and friendly bits.

  4. Veronica said

    I don’t really know which setters are easier or harder. Maybe I normally fail to solve Tees, I can’t say. I sort of finished it (had to look up several made-up words to find the right answers, plus I couldn’t parse ELEMENT). So perhaps, if I “completed” it, that’s “easier”. Anyway, I found it Very Hard, and am impressed with those who solved it quickly!
    Tricky for me, but I did enjoy the tussle. And I simply loved 18 down, because the clue itself gave such an amusing mental picture.

  5. batarde said

    Oo-er … a novel page layout. I probably shouldn’t grumble since the crossword was to my taste, mostly. As Jon said, it was a matter of three-quarters plain sailing for me too, but choppy waters to the SW. I had heard of a trepang before, and my French was up to the translation (“sea thingummy”), so that one wasn’t the problem. I went through every possible permutation of artists in the pub though, before hitting on the most obvious and correct one; 19ac did not please me very much at all. One of my pet peeves turned up twice today: the use of “key” or “note” for any letter between A and G. It is not wrong or against some imaginary rules – but it is depressingly lazy. Anyway, a minor thing no doubt, and just to be contrary I’d probably have 17d as COD because it made me smile.

    Marvin is my favourite Lee, by the way, but Lee isn’t my favourite Marvin.

  6. thebargee said

    Oh go on, do tell…

    • batarde said

      What, me? Oh well, firstly it has to be said that Lee Marvin’s performance in Cat Ballou ought to earn him a place on anybody’s list of sterling chaps, and besides, as far as Lees in crosswords go it’s almost always Robert E. I shall say no more because I don’t want my castle invaded by a mob of tattooed Visigoths and a confederate flag planted atop the Wonky Tower. (Mind you, there’s a lot to be said for machicolations, just in case anyone fancies giving it a go). However, when it comes to Marvins, the valetudinarian android with the dodgy diodes has to come out on top, don’t you think?

      • thebargee said

        Well, having decoded your sesquipedalianisms I’m inclined to agree, although Lee Marvin’s vocal prowess in Paint Your Wagon are legendary. But as I intimated in my initial comment, Hank is the Marvin that springs to my mind – I spent many a wasted hour attempting to emulate his twangy tones back in the day.

  7. dtw42 said

    oh. Glad everybody else found this easy. I’ve just given up with six or seven unsolved.

  8. Willow said

    I didn’t find it easy! But I did eventually finish and very much enjoyed the process, having finally got onto the right wavelength. Android and Hank were both considered for 21, and Gaye too, before I realised it had to be Lee.

  9. a said

    A notable absence of comments on 15sq and I don’t think I can have done this one first time around. Anyway I found it in the middle of Tees’ difficulty range. But I wasn’t all that happy with ‘fitting’ for ‘holder’, although it would be fine as a compound such as ‘lamp-holder’.

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