i Cryptic Crossword 3093 Dac

January 6, 2021

It being one of those days – partly so because of the necessity of being up early for a gas engineer who is yet to arrive – I was pleased to find the usual Wednesday accessible, reasonably straightforward offering from Dac. We have an unfamiliar term for me at least at 15d, and I wonder how bemused younger solvers will have been by 23ac, but the puzzle was as fairly clued as ever, with nothing contentious or out of place. 20ac was my last one in, perhaps because it’s been so long since we’ve been allowed into a pub here that the term has slipped into misuse. 😉 Finish time comfortably under par for the i, for a puzzle that fairly sparkled throughout.

COD? I’ll go with 21d, though you could pick loads really – “Church with no end of incense for convert (6)”.

To October 2016 then for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 3093 Dac”

  1. Denzo said

    An enjoyable well-clued puzzle of two halves. The top half was almost a case of look at the clue – put in the answer. Only POP SINGER caused a small delay, possibly because it was too easy. Then I came to a grinding halt. I spent ages staring at clues, until eventually I saw that CURRENTLY was just as obvious as anything in the top half, and couldn’t imagine why it had taken so long.

    The bottom half did, however, contain two unknowns, LOGROLLER and HERBIE, but both had easy wordplay so just needed googling to confirm. Had to come back to LAST ORDERS several times. It was my LOI – then, with all the crossers it suddenly became obvious. Quite cunning – my favourite.

  2. Saboteur said

    LAST ORDERS was last one in for me too, very likely for much the same reason. (If this carries on for much longer there will be a whole range of crosswordese vocabulary that becomes increasingly unfamiliar).

    All as delightful as ever, just a shame the pleasure is all over too quickly. I chose to check what a LOGROLLER was, but in the full confidence it was the right answer.

  3. thebargee said

    Ha, LAST ORDERS would have been my LOI too, had I figured it out! It was the only one left when I ran out of my allotted time today. Notwithstanding that, the usual classy stuff from Dac.

    As with others, LOGROLLER was new to me. When I had the initial L and no other crossers I spent far too long trying to fit LIMOUSINE into the clue ☹️

  4. Veronica said

    Lovely crossword.
    Every clue had nice readable clues and good answers. Straight forwardly enjoyable, without trying too hard to be clever, yet never dull.

    Like others I had never heard of LOGROLLER, and it was my last one in.
    LAST ORDERS – yep, took me a long time as well, only to find it seemed obvious once solved. I’ll award it my COD since it foxed others too, and yet it was so neat!
    (I also spent a long time trying to understand why “limousine” would be right for 25 down.)

  5. dtw42 said

    Put me down as another who finished (appropriately) with the LAST ORDERS. Fortunately the white Beetle no. 53 was a bit part of my childhood. 28ac got an amused “ha” in the margin (because of the CURLY bit).

  6. Willow said

    A most rewarding and enjoyable solve. Perhaps a bit more difficult and quirkier than usual for Dac? Nevertheless, very satisfying. A small point: ‘Popular’ (indicating ‘in’) was used in the clue for Pop Singer which was a bit clumsy. I also noted that Tree Frog and Greengage have appeared in recent puzzles too. Coincidental, I’m sure.

    Waiting for the Gas Engineer took on a whole new meaning for me yesterday. Booked (on 27 December) to arrive before 12.00 on Tuesday 5 January, to cut a long and tortuous story very short indeed, they now say they will be with me on Friday 15 January. So, very little hot water until then. And then my fridge broke down today. Now replaced by a wonderful small local company. But there are undoubtedly more people who are much worse off than me in the country – in the world – so I count my blessings. Dac is one of those blessings.

  7. Cornick said

    Filled with admiration for Dac – yet again!

  8. batarde said

    Got a bit distracted by the 22ac last night and forgot to register a comment – not that there’s much to say. Standard issue Dac crossword, near enough unimpeachable. I think the COD is an excellent example of his workmanship: simple ingredients cooked to perfection.

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