Inquisitor 1678 Consumption by Eclogue

December 29, 2020

It was the weekend before Christmas and all was, well, rather grim actually. The English government belatedly saw sense prompting a general exodus from the capital and a no doubt massive viral load with it, and the Welsh government? Well, Drakeford finally had the cover he needed and introduced the lockdown he would have a week before if he’d had a shred of courage. Hancock came out with that most hated of terms once more, duty – uncomfortable echoes of Kitchener’s vile propaganda – which makes me think he’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. As will Drakeford when we oust the lot this spring.

All of which has little to do with Eclogue’s puzzle, beyond a vague link with SARS to the SW. Present and correct were extraneous letters from wordplay, and mysteriously affected other clues, all of which might have led you to a false sense of security, this sort of thing being a fairly regular feature of the IQ, because I wonder if I was alone in finding the grid fill to be accomplished at somewhat of a crawl?

What would you pinpoint as being the chief reasons for this, I hear you cry. Well, that would have to be a couple of words I couldn’t find in the dictionary (PEAKIE, if it’s correct?), some pretty solid if tip-top wordplay, plus the belatedly realised fact that the mangled entries were well and truly mangled. I’m still not sure if all are real words, Google having come up trumps with a couple, but still. No help from Chambers, the crossword solver’s bible, here.

So while ARPEGGIONES might be present and correct in the BRB, ARPIONES isn’t, or RAES (REGGAES), SKER (SKEGGER), and so on. What they all do have in common is that they’re missing EGGs, see. Pretty neat, and spotted early on when I noticed in a rare fit of enlightenment that VIES with an extra bit in the middle might well lead to someone eschewing flesh of all sorts.

Job done? Well, almost. 2d has got to end in an S or X, but I can’t parse it so have no idea which and so I’m going to guess at X. 50/50 odds, but I have an appalling record when it comes to gambling – the one exception being when I correctly surmised that a 25/1 outsider was actually a dead cert, and would have made my fortune if I’d staked more than a measly quid on the fact.

Oh yes, we’re supposed to have two quotes, one of them a little cryptic. Well, I have the first – “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate”, and I think “eat” and L at the end of the second, but the rest remains a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is that the first quote is from Cool Hand Luke, that there’s a certain something to do with eating eggs in said film, and that we can highlight not only the name of the film, but the surnames of the two lead characters in the grid too.

Yep, that looks good to me, bar the one random guess. Thanks Eclogue then for the enjoyable challenge, but what a challenge it was.

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  1. batarde said

    Ah, I had REEKIE instead of peakie, as in “Auld Reekie” and didn’t think much more about it. Otherwise much the same sort of experience, with the grid fill going comparatively slowly; the egg business tickled me pink when I cottoned on, though.

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