Inquisitor 1673 Jacks by Radler

November 24, 2020

The dark nights are getting to Radler too. The general mood that everything is closing in and well if you were to go out then there’s that pesky killer virus waiting to pounce. Or perhaps he (or she) wasn’t thinking that at all and that it’s just me who’s beginning to lose the plot as we lurch into the depths of winter with only the grim inevitability of the “festive” season at the close. Roll on spring and a nice warm spot in the garden to relax and generally chill. But before that some fool arranged for the roof to be replaced which will no doubt bring angst of its own.

Which is to say that this week’s IQ matched my mood perfectly, even down to the agonising over parsing because a bit of pain is good for the soul. Yes, your clues had a long series of question marks beside them too, didn’t they? Which is all well and good but we’re looking for letters missing from wordplay to form a phrase. 8d I’m still suitably bemused by and I suspect is an incorrect guess.

But for those of us who enjoy an afternoon with the dictionary (and what greater pleasure is there?), there was much to enjoy. CHIAUSES where we had to get right down to some obscure pluralising, INULASE, URODELA, and CORNU for starters. In case you found that heavy going, DRESS SENSE for “investment-savvy” with an apt question mark was a nice touch, and there were loads of others that were perfectly guessable for the daily solver who’d chanced a few pages on in the paper.

Being nervous about highlighting straight onto paper I did so in a spreadsheet first, fortunately due to the inevitable cock-ups. Having got there eventually, the end result was NULLAM REM NATAM (that’s “no thing born” to you and me), in an “appropriate form”, and NADA / RIEN similarly elsewhere in the grid. Well, there you are.

Grid complete, now time to play spot the inevitable errors therein. Thanks, Radler, for the fun. And Jacks? See definition 10 in the Big Red Book, and the more common Jack ****.

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  1. Guy Barry said

    Completed this but didn’t enjoy it much. (Sorry, no diagram.)

    Don’t think I’ll bother with this week’s – in fact I may not bother at all in future. I don’t think I’m well suited to these puzzles.

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