Inquisitor 1672 Shattered by Chalicea

November 17, 2020

Chalicea is a setter I usually enjoy. Her puzzles are always of the utmost quality, fair, and being on the easy side flatter solvers of my ability level. This week however she falls foul of one of my bugbears, being the gridfill that is over in a jiffy (in today’s case about as quick as they get for the IQ), followed by days of fruitless staring at a grid trying to work out what should be highlighted.

I think most of us have probably seen footage of the fate that befell the Tacoma Suspension Bridge, but I don’t know about you but I was blissfully unaware of its name, the surrounding geography, what is was nicknamed (the GALLOPING GERTIE, the problems it faced apparently having been encountered from the very off), or the name of the sole fatality. So nothing on looking at the grid rang a bell, and a Google of things that had happened on this day in the past elicited a long list, none of which looked very promising.

Which is to say that when some hard-pressed Googling eventually chanced on the solution, I felt more relief than any pleasurable PDM. Which is a pity, because the grid fill is one I enjoyed.

The finished article to be fair is neat, with the fallen section and the missing (presumed dead) TUBBY, presuming my highlighting is correct.

Perhaps I’m just revealing my own ignorance, but I could have done with some pointers. A clue revealed by misprinted letters sort of thing, perhaps. Or did you all leap straight in with the highlighters and thank Chalicea for an enjoyable, pretty easy solve? Answers on a postcard…

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 1672 Shattered by Chalicea”

  1. Guy Barry said

    Well I really enjoyed it! I was told to look for a significant anniversary and found 7 November 1940 fairly quickly – at that point I already had TACOMA in the grid but not KITSAP, so it helped me with that clue. (I may have got 1ac and 5dn wrong though – haven’t checked Fifteensquared yet.)

    Thought the device with half of GALLOPING GERTIE in the water was very clever, and it made me smile (which is often not the case with an Inquisitor!). Full solution here:

    Haven’t decided whether I want to make an attempt on #1673 yet – it looks quite a bit harder.

    • jonofwales said

      You should really put a picture of your finished grid up on your blog. 🙂 As to looking for significant anniversaries, I often resort to that, but you wouldn’t believe the number of things that happened around those two days over the past couple of hundred years.

      • Guy Barry said

        I assumed it would be a round-number anniversary – if it had been the 77th anniversary I might still be searching now! I already knew the name of the bridge and got the other thematic stuff from Wikipedia.

        I could try putting a picture of the grid up, but it’s mostly in pencil and probably wouldn’t come out too well…

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