Inquisitor 1669 Glittering Career by Nimrod

October 27, 2020

I’m guessing I’m not alone in finishing Nimrod’s daily cryptics with a full grid but myriad questions regarding the parsing of the clues. Which is fine when you can complete with a shrug and then sit back at leisure while the poor blogger unpicks the subtle craftsmanship, but this IQ lark’s a bit different, isn’t it?

Yep, I had a full grid. Yes, I worked out that the extra letters from the downs gave STEPHEN KING and DANNY TORRANCE pretty sharpish, spotted MURDER quickly too (the missing letters from the wordplay of MURMUR and DERBIES explaining my difficulty making sense of the clues in that neck of the woods), and even belatedly realised why SUCCESSES didn’t have a definition.

But my extra letters from the across entries consisted mostly of question marks, and an incorrect E for the first A. The above having brought back warm memories of The Shining and Redrum, some would argue that I should have made the imaginative leap at that point. But I didn’t, perhaps because my mind is more on the looming restrictions about to hit this neck of the woods which are also lacking in clarity and clearness of thought.

The upshot being that I spent most of Saturday evening unpicking the wordplay for the across entries, the highlight of which was possibly “nemcon” at 12ac, giving me… Yes, two jockeys, which I really should have guessed sooner. BRIAN FLETCHER and TOMMY STACK, who both rode RED RUM to victory in the GRAND NATIONAL, which is of course run at AINTREE, all of which after much soul-searching could be found and duly highlighted in the grid.

The resulting shape? The finishing post? Horse shoe and something else? Fifteensquared will have worked that one out.

Boom. Done. Possibly not correctly, but done, and enjoyed, so thanks to our setter / editor. And onward, into darkness.

2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1669 Glittering Career by Nimrod”

  1. Guy Barry said

    Well I’m VERY glad I didn’t attempt that one! I have very little knowledge of either Stephen King or horse racing, and I doubt whether I could have made much sense of it. Even reading the explanation on Fifteensquared was exhausting. Well done for getting through it all.

    I’m wondering whether these puzzles should be given some sort of difficulty rating so that newer solvers know which ones to avoid? #1670 was much more accessible – I managed to complete it in a couple of days.

    • jonofwales said

      The Inquisitor is graded for difficulty, but that’s only published after the fact which isn’t much help! I generally find though that I can work out in a few minutes quite how tough the puzzle is going to be, unless the end game is one liable to catch me out.

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