i Cryptic Crossword 3005 Monk

September 24, 2020

My copy of the i has failed to materialise today, so the digital edition to the rescue. I don’t always get on with the i‘s app – I blame the peculiar shade of green utilised, which reminds me of school and hospital corridors – so was somewhat nervous on spotting Monk’s name in the paper itself. An initial run through which yielded only every crossword setter’s favourite villain did nothing to improve my spirits. Thankfully the downs were more forthcoming, or else I settled into Monk’s frame of mind, finishing eventually just under par rather surprisingly for the i. Quite a few went in on definition alone, to be fair, so those who prefer to parse their clues may have taken somewhat longer. 😉 There’s a Nina in the left and right columns which meant nothing to me, but a quick Google will reveal all, and perhaps the smattering of a ghost theme. 18ac apparently is a little inaccurate regarding the author’s name, not that I noticed.

COD? 25ac appealed to me today, if only for the sentiment in the surface reading – “Well-read pig in charge of wars? (10)”.

To June 2016 for the answers and parsing of the clues:


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  1. batarde said

    All done at a leisurely pace, everything parsed satisfactorily, and the Nina duly spotted. Up to that point it was a completely reference free effort, but, knowing nothing whatsoever about the subject, I had to give up and consult the internet. Very good indeed, and definitely to my taste – funny that since I used to go pale when Monk’s name turned up. 18ac is a bit of an unforced whoops, admittedly, but otherwise unimpeachable stuff, and I’m glad it wasn’t up to me to pick a COD. 🙂

  2. Denzo said

    Finished the top half and half ther rest, stuck mainly on the SW Corner. Thought of ARAMAIC and should have got the word play. Thought of ASTRODOME, but not as a sports arena, the Houston one being closed. I might have come across IAGO once in a crossword, and he did come to my rescue, though I have seen EYEWASH at least twice before. Worst of all, I briefly thought of Mr Toad & Co but gave up when Grahame was misspelt. With that exception it was smooth and fairly clued. I enjoyed what I did.

  3. Denzo said

    Sorry, I meant to say that IAGO did not rescue me! (He wouldn’t, would he?!)

    • Cornick said

      Funny how we’re all different – I got off to a flier in the Top left corner and IAGO was my last one in, despite knowing the play very well.
      Saw DUDE LEBOWSKI, but missed the -RINO suffix and ‘THE BIG’, which I really should have thought to go looking for.
      Loads of classy creativity as per from Monk – loved it.

  4. dtw42 said

    Hmm. And pff. Didn’t spot the nina (probably would have helped if I had, since I know and quite like the film). Got a bit stuck in the SW corner towards the end. Felt 19dn *had* to be Aramaic, from A???A?C, but didn’t put it in until right near the end because I couldn’t parse it. Also couldn’t parse establish. Couldn’t believe that astrodome was a sports stadium (until I looked in Chambers out of frustration) rather than, as it OBVIOUSLY ought to be, an observatory. And Iago was practically last in.
    16ac – too soon? How long ago does a massacre have to be for a reference to it in a clue not to be bad taste?
    Still, I liked 10ac, and 3dn got a slight chuckle.

    Despite being pleased with myself at work today for spotting a typo in a language I don’t speak, I missed the misspelling of Grahame. [hangs up proofreader cap]

  5. saboteur said

    Les challenging than I had expected on seeing the name “Monk” at the head of the crossword. I even got IAGO, it being unusual for me not to break put into a cold sweat at the sight of a four-letter clue with no initial crossing letter and vowels in the ones that did cross. Couldn’t parse ESTABLISH. Ditto what others have said about RATTY. Surprised bt the absence of an anagram indicator in IMBECILE. Loved UP TO. Needed the Internet only to investigate the nina.

  6. Guy Barry said

    This one dragged on for far too long I’m afraid. Eventually completed it with one error (FREE SHEET at 20ac), but not happy with one or two of the clues, particularly GNOCCHI, which isn’t a homophone of “knock key” as far as I’m concerned. Agree with the comments of others about the misspelling at 18ac, which confused me. (There was an Inquisitor a few weeks ago based on The Wind in the Willows where the name GRAHAME was spelt out letter by letter, so there’s no way I could have missed it!)

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