Inquisitor 1664 Codenames by Phi

September 22, 2020

It’s a Phi-fest, our favourite Antipodean setter having doubled up again. A preamble thankfully short of gimmicks, as extra letters, etc, had begun to tire somewhat. Encryption sort of stuff to sort out, and such is the state of my head that I’m not sure if I was hoping this kind of thing would come up, or whether I glanced at the puzzle first thing and thought, oh good. The result either way being a thumbs up from these quarters.

Even if it took until about halfway through to realise that the encoded entries actually had clues to go with them. Making possibly the on-the-face-of-it seemingly impossible. See, they’re in italics too. Phi knew we’d need the extra nudge.

Lots of musical stuff of the highbrow kind Phi revels in and I remain blissfully ignorant of – BOHM and IBERT somewhat obscure, but with user-friendly entry-level wordplay to compensate. Entry level wordplay is what I need this week. REYNOLDS an equally obscure painter to the SW, special trips to the BRB required elsewhere for POISHA, KARAIT and last but not least LYSOSOMAL. Trips to the BRB we welcome and enjoy over the course of the weekend.

A moment of self-doubt on looking at the encoded entries. Because cold solving really isn’t my thing. But… EATS and STAR nice and easy, and, look, we have lots of checking letters in the others, because they really don’t seem to utilise that many. Belatedly too the realisation that the encoded entries are real words. A wild guess at the one name in the key being ROSETTA leading nowhere, ETON finally fell, and it became clear the two names in the key were ESTRAGON and VLADIMIR, being characters from Waiting for Godot which I of course know but have never seen.

The three others in the grid are going to be impossible to find? Well, no, as the play doesn’t actually have many names associated with it. POZZO, LUCKY and GODOT himself being the ones we’re looking for. One’s even in plain text, and the other two only partially encrypted – PIZZI and MIDIA, if I’ve got it right.

There, that wasn’t too fierce, was it? And fun? Yes, fun too. Something tells me this one’s going to be a bit of a hit.

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  1. Guy Barry said

    It was a pleasure to complete this puzzle, after the last one which I thought was unfairly clued in some places. It was also the first one that I managed to complete without getting any hints at all!

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