Inquisitor 1663 Equivalency by Eclogue

September 15, 2020

This weekend we’re winning from the start given that we have a paper, unlike readers of other popular titles, xxxx Rebellion having taken it upon themselves to “free the news” by, um, ensuring that loads of people couldn’t get any. As if to prove once more that current affairs these days is beyond satire.

To the puzzle. Well, that consisted of a description of the endgame which made no sense but instructions to decipher superfluous letters that did. Said superfluous letters plus loads of thematic, unclued entries making for a fairly solid slog through the grid, much time being spent working out what a Scot’s dearest might be (JO, apparently), and that ENVOY might equate to final words of some description. A smattering of geography, my weak point, no doubt to tempt us to glance at the quite beautiful map slipped in with the latest i Weekend.

The close left all clued entries complete, a few guesses at ROZZERS and INVERSE SQUARE for the unclued, and a general pig’s ear of the extra letters with lots of question marks. Pig’s ears of such things being something I generally end up with, and generally sort out. This week thankfully wasn’t the exception, leaving LAW IS A BOTTOMLESS PIT THE HISTORY OF JOHN BULL.

Luckily we didn’t need to know anything about the latter, and all the “laws” could be Googled, even the extremely obscure Jewish one across the top. And the downs? Well, none made sense on solving because they were bottomless pits, see? ABYS(s), DEPRESSIO(n), the hard-to-find HANG(i) and so on. Which raised a smile, and bored everyone I tried to explain it to afterwards.

Oh yes, highlighting. Well, that was another example of both. By the close the preamble made sense, which hopefully means the below is (sort of) correct. And even it isn’t I enjoyed the ride, so thanks, Eclogue.

One Response to “Inquisitor 1663 Equivalency by Eclogue”

  1. Guy Barry said

    I absolutely hated this but managed to struggle to a solution, which is here along with my comments:

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