i Cryptic Crossword 2995 by Phi

September 12, 2020

No prizes still for Saturdays – which is a shame if you were angling for one of those radios (I’ve forgotten the name of the manufacturer) but good news for your blogger: Being in a hurry to get this blog done and take the youngest back to London for the first bit of university since March, I was happy to have Duncan’s 2016 blog here to point out the Nina, which is what this puzzle is all about. So in rows 3, 5, 11 and 13 there’s a hidden message: ‘A MESSAGE AVOIDING THE PERIMETER’. Wow. Those 28 letters must have had to be entered first by Phi, and then all the other words fitted into the grid around them. Hence we had PIROGI, YEAR-ENDS, and AXLE-TREE, which all things considered didn’t seem too onerous to me. I wonder if you spotted what was going on? I didn’t because I was in a rush, as I say, but I do admire it.

As for the clues, my favourite is this one:

6d Beginning to accept America after Democrat’s Hollywoodised vision? (8)

6 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2995 by Phi”

  1. dtw42 said

    No, I didn’t spot that. A couple of odd definitions (e.g. 6dn) but all very good. I found the SW corner toughest, and ended there. (‘move to new stop’ took a time to figure out – entirely fair after the penny dropped though). 12ac was a very nice anagram.

  2. batarde said

    He did “it’s not on the periphery” or something like that before, and it’s a spiffing wheeze. No, I did not notice it, but something was clearly going on for those who could be bothered to hunt it out. Pretty good crossword all told.

    The other Phi today, on p.50, is reasonably accessible by the way, although I say this having filled the grid but before tackling the Bletchley Park stuff.

  3. thebargee said

    Pretty enjoyable overall, although I really struggled with a few in the NW corner. I do hate writing in answers before I’ve figured out the wordplay and I was slightly irritated by the number of times I had to do that today.

    Even after checking the other side, I still can’t quite get how “native”=“son” and “the i’s”=“our”. Not sure about “lover”=“fan” either; am I just being grumpy?

  4. jonofwales said

    Yep, as everyone else has said a good one from Phi. A few odd answers, but nothing that wasn’t quickly gettable. Finish time pretty sharp, the fastest this week. I missed the hidden message, as expected, but in my defence I moved quickly onto the IQ, which I will also recommend.

    Good luck to Cornick Jr for the coming year!

  5. saboteur said

    An evening solve for me, when I’m not at my sharpest, so I was surprised that I managed to finish this, never mind actually enjoy it, which I did. A bit stuck in the NE for a bit, until I dredged up from my memory of our holiday in Poland a few years ago the name of the dumplings. That did merit a frowny-face in my margin, as I thought it a bit niche. The one question-mark was the capless American gun, which was new to me. Oh, and a rabbi is not a priest.

    Despite looking dutifully for it, I missed the nina. Of course.

  6. Dave said

    Some dodgy clueing IMHO, One avoiding harm? Mam? Isn’t that harm avoiding one? Noggin= capital? Not in my head! I left after entering country? I left country maybe, where’s the after entering? I’m even ready to accept native as son but that’s pushing it.

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