i Cryptic Crossword 2993 Klingsor

September 10, 2020

A Thursday reprint from the Independent which means something on the tougher side, though being Klingsor you wouldn’t have cause for complaint everything as ever being perfectly fair and above board. That said I chucked a lot of the answers in partially understood, being blissfully unaware of the River BUG, or of what was going on in 7d. Architects too for that matter, I’m guessing that was a blank spot for many solvers. And that shape – I thought we covered the lot in school, but evidently not. Finish time almost identical to most other solves this week – I seem to be coming in at a steady number of minutes no matter what the puzzle at the moment, with some just needing more concentration than others, which I suspect means that first-week-back-in-school-exhaustion has got to me. First in 26d, last in 20d. Oh, and thoroughly enjoyed throughout.

COD? I’ll go with 9ac – “Releases classified information about G. Brown following E. Balls (3,6)”.

To May 2015:


7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2993 Klingsor”

  1. thebargee said

    Yes, another enjoyable solve, although a couple of answers were pure guesses (2dn, 7dn). I also needed a teeny weeny bit of electronic help with 13dn, I could see it was something-AGON, but this was a new word for me.
    9ac gets my vote for COD too 😊

  2. batarde said

    All very much to my taste, Klingsor having a safe place on my short list of most favoured setters nowadays. No liberties taken and therefore no quibbles let alone complaints. Sterling stuff, and a worthy COD.

  3. Denzo said

    Somehow I expected Klingsor would be served today. The NE corner was completed very quickly, however, except 7D, where I did not remember or hadn’t seen the film and was not yet ready to resot to Wikipedia. I spent a disproportionate amount of time seeking a 9-letter word for 9A, not having read the clue properly, then decided that a walk in the sunshine would be better for my health. However I enjoyed the 75% I completed, the clues were fair, and I like to think, smugly, that I would have finished if I had been prepared to allow myself more time.

  4. saboteur said

    Another very good solve, challenging and rewarding. All clues very neatly encrypted, resulting in no question marks in my margin on completion.

    I needed to check the Ukrainian river and the polygon, but only for the sake of completion, as I was sure all would be in order.

    I do agree that LEG BREAKS, my last one in, was brilliant – well worth untangling the parsing. But the days of G. Brown and E. Balls seem like a lifetime ago, not a mere decade or so..

  5. dtw42 said

    Circumstances meant I was only able to do about half of this at the usual breakfast-time; at which point I as getting a bit stuck. Came back to it over dinner at around 7pm and finished it off OK with a little pen-chewing but no resorting to Bradfords or electronica. As with the rest of ya, a few here & there went in not fully parsed. I had “pfff” against 10ac (didn’t think much of that), BUT ticks against 19ac, 16dn, and – to concur with the general mood – 9ac (alongside which I also wrote “niiice”).

  6. Cornick said

    Consistently, reliably excellent is our Mr Klingsor – but not in that slightly restrained manner you get in the Times – there’s more personality on show in the Independent stable, mercy be. And what a fine week we’ve had so far – Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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