Inquisitor 1662 The Return of Ulysses by Kruger

September 8, 2020

The long Bank Holiday weekend = a stinker of an Inquisitor? Well, no, thankfully, because I’m not up to it. Yep, you kicked off the weekend with an orgy of drink, Reading highlights and extended Buffy The Vampire Slayer retrospective too? The gist being that Saturday morning came round far too soon and I was:

  1. Glad of a grid fill with which I could cope, albeit with a mind-blowing number of clues to get to grips with.
  2. Pleased with clear and lucid instructions (courtesy of our old favourite the extra letters generated from wordplay): EVICT SQUATTERS FROM RESIDENCE.
  3. Equally pleased to have little option but to enter NOTUS, and have a suspected theme by way of TOAD confirmed by CHAPTER TITLE IN GRAHAME BOOK, said book of course being Wind In The Willows.

See, we have a wind, two willows (OSIER and SALLOW), TOAD and HALL too. And, yep, WEASELS to evict. Kruger’s even been considerate enough to tell us how many cells we’re looking for in each case. Other setters may take note (glancing at the solution grid to the right of the page that nobody it appears actually got right).

No grid fill would be complete without a debacle, and mine was falling into the deliberate I’m sure URAL / ARAL SEA one, leaving only clearly erroneous lawsuits to fill the NE corner. Let’s WASSAIL instead.

Done, dusted, in the sun too that is shining for the first time this August, and that after too little sleep and a little more beer and whisky than anticipated.

Look, the closing date such as it is these days falls in September, that most hated of months. And this year, well, hold on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1662 The Return of Ulysses by Kruger”

  1. Guy Barry said

    I was slightly helped by the fact that I recognized “The Return of Ulysses” as a chapter title from The Wind in the Willows before I even looked at the puzzle!

    Here’s my solution, which appears to be in agreement with yours:

    • jonofwales said

      I’ve yet to find myself in the happy position where a theme is something that has leapt out at me from the start. I did though guess on seeing TOAD, though I’m not sure why.

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