Inquisitor 1660 Caroline by Penumbra

August 25, 2020

In which Penumbra informed us that we were to seek out five things created by somebody called Charles and I answer that there are rather a lot of things created by people called Charles and that in searching for the exact ones he has in mind I think my head is going to explode.

It being that sort of solve.

To be fair extra words are for the most part easy to spot, and grid fills devoid of other trickery aren’t actually that mind-blowingly difficult. Barring a mistaken SURFACED for SURFACER and YAWS for YAWL, that is, which…

Well, actually, both mistakes helped as they sharpened my mind in the SE corner where I’d been gazing wistfully at that grey (not silver!) cell for far too long before thinking WONDE could, followed by a handy R and L make up WONDERLAND, or WONDERL& perhaps if I’ve guessed correctly what was meant by “cryptically”.

Because there was a lot of guessing involved in this, and said guessing took a long time. Oh yes, Wonderland, because Lewis Carroll wasn’t his real name, see. £BURY though that wasn’t created by anybody called Charles though the heir apparent was involved somehow I understand. E@ANSWILL which was that obscure I had to spend five minutes working it out again by the time I wrote this because… I’d forgotten again. Does $=IS? Who can tell, but I’ve gone with WHATD$AY for a Ray Charles song I’d not heard of.

Leaving 3 cells by my calculations, which varied searches seem to imply must be PRADO with a lesser known symbol for RAD. But there again it might not be, because there’s no way of checking if the above is all a figment of my fevered imagination.

Ah well, the solution will lay bare my incompetence and inability to mind-read Penumbra’s well-hidden intentions.

Oh yes, the last thing I didn’t get. The title. Shrugs…

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