i Cryptic Crossword 2979 Radian

August 25, 2020

Batarde’s in the middle of an ongoing IT meltdown, so I’m afraid that you’re stuck with my somewhat less insightful meanderings. A puzzle today of not two halves, but three quarters which went in at somewhat of a sprint, and then the NW corner which took absolutely forever. I say forever, but I finished only a little over par for the i, and certainly faster than yesterday, so perhaps it just felt like forever compared with the rest. The main problems were 13ac which I failed miserably to parse for too long, and 3d which I guessed, but which contains some rather dubious wordplay. ESSO for petrol?

It’s Tuesday, so there’s supposed to be a theme. Lots of fuels, some fish bits, but no, nothing as far as I can see. In the comments on the other side somebody a lot cleverer than I am spotted PRIMUS INTER PARES and FIRST AMONG EQUALS, but whether there’s more to it than that I don’t know.

Enjoyed, anyway, with loads of ticks dotted beside the clues, my COD going to 27ac – “Queen’s consort’s mood inspires black memorial (9)”.

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4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2979 Radian”

  1. dtw42 said

    Ah, well, I had this done by 8.25, so not my fastest but a thousandfold better than yesterday! 13ac also went in with a “don’t get it” scrawled in the margin. The wordplay in 16dn warranted an “ouch”. Just the right level of challenging but not tooth-grinding for me.

  2. Denzo said

    Like Jon, good progress but stuck on NW, not helped by having incompletely parsed ENDOCARPS for PERICARPS. Looked here to see if anyone else had finished, and was re-mobil-ised by the comments. That’s not cheating, is it? Agree 16 and 3 dodgy, but only a bit; liked 27; although I missed the significance of TOM until looking at 225, I thought BLACK MEMORIAL made it a partial &lit.

  3. thebargee said

    Second day running I’ve filled in the top half and stalled below. Only today I decided to give up rather than wait to have another go in the wee small hours; it surely wouldn’t work 2 days in a row, besides which I’m getting short of whisky.

  4. saboteur said

    A patchy solve for me, too, with lots going in fairly readily at first before slowing down to a snail’s pace.

    I couldn’t parse DEPLETE, and missed the homophone in RHONE. If it is a homophone, that is, as it doesn’t sound like one to me.


    I agree with dtw42, just the right level of challenge.

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