i Cryptic Crossword 2950 Phi

July 22, 2020

Dac’s AWOL again this week, Phi standing in ably with a pretty straightforward offering befitting the Wednesday spot. That said I lobbed in lots based on definition, so if you were stuck I’m unclear how fiendish some of the wordplay might have been, but there you go. Only the one I couldn’t parse – 11ac – but in retrospect it’s clear I was just having an all too frequent blank regarding the obvious. There’s something going on with the grid Phi explains in the comments over on the other side, but I must admit that I’m still none the wiser. My first thought was that there was something nautical (again) going on, but it appears not. First in 12d because that was the first clue I glanced at, last in 9ac, finish time well under par for the i.

COD? I’ll go with 6ac – “A girl returning to claim gold in miniature scene (7)”.

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9 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2950 Phi”

  1. saboteur said

    Surprisingly straightforward and completed in well under my typical time. No quibbles or queries. Looked for a nina and couldn’t see one, which only left me thinking it must be particularly obscure, as it’s a Phi puzzle. I suppose the grid has quite a charming appearance, but can’t say much else for it…

    • Cornick said

      I didn’t look for a Nina because filling the three long lights in both directions in quite enough of a challenge even for Phi. I actually thought he was going for a few-clues-as-possible type of challenge, with no clue numbers above 19. The knot-like pattern was quite pretty, wasn’t it.
      Good clues, enjoyed it.
      Wonder who we’ll get on Saturday?

  2. batarde said

    Funnily enough I did notice the intertwining loops, but thought nothing of it. I suppose you have two never-ending twisted chains of words, each beginning with the last letter of the preceding one. Which is rather natty, and a change from middle-brow literary fiction. A few of the clues felt like throwaways, as quickly written as solved, but by and large it was an enjoyable if very speedy solving experience. How about a nice Anax for Saturday?

  3. dtw42 said

    Nothing much to add. It did strike me that the grid was a bit ‘Celtic-knot-ish’. Made stupid ‘bung something in quick’ errors on 10d and 14a which rendered 16a impossible until I undid them.

  4. Henri said

    Very quick, I also had to undo 10 d Stuck in sideburns. And googled that Burns was the name of a rugby player. Oops.

    • saboteur said

      I made that mistake at first. I had vaguely heard of a player called Burns, and when I checked on the I internet there were two of them. However, it was soon pretty obvious that it had to be “clinic”, so the sideburns had to go.

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