i Cryptic Crossword 2927 Nestor

June 25, 2020

Hands up if you spotted what was going on in each of the four corners. I certainly didn’t, though the possibility of a Nina did occur to me. How I managed not to spot it is something of a mystery now, explained partly by, yet again, a solve rudely interrupted by real life demands. My LOI was 21d which I would have got a lot quicker if I’d paid more attention, the bit outside of NAG being somewhat of a mystery for too long. Elsewhere the identity of 14ac remained equally mysterious, though with a nice easy clue. 18d I had to look up, though I bet Cornick didn’t, and as for distant Ayrshire villages, well… Finish time a bit over par for the i, as expected for a Thursday reprint, but one that was extremely accessible and thoroughly enjoyable.

COD? There might be better clues in the puzzle, but once I’d spotted the definition 3d raised a great big smile – “Sonic equipment maker set up forever? (4)”. Who else remembers the infeasibly tall Sonic on the westbound route into London back in the day?

To March 2016:


If you’ve still got time to fill, I understand the Independent have a rather good puzzle by Maize up today.

6 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2927 Nestor”

  1. Cornick said

    How did you know about my puzzle? Oh well, it’s going down fine so far on Fifteensquared, I’m relieved to say.

    Back to this one and yes I did spot the Nina about half way through the solve, which helped a lot. Great idea, and definitely the star of the show, I thought. Brilliantly realised with ‘Speakers’ and ‘Hyde Park’ both being 8 letters long then Amen and Pooh both being 4 letters long, which allowed a gap between each and perfect symmetry – how good is that!
    Threw in DUNLOP at the end without having heard of either the village or that meaning of Dun. My top clue was the one for SERAGLIO, but Nestor’s so good throughout really..

  2. dtw42 said

    Okay, having filled the grid I could see that there was something ninaesque going on, so wrote what I found in the margin and stared at it for a bit … failed to see the significance, though. Oops.

    My last ones in were 24 (put me down as another unaware of that meaning of ‘dun’ – I was just running through a list of placenames: Dunmow? That’s cut … but not Ayrshire … Dunoon … geographically closer but no cutting) then 6dn (nice to see ‘record label’ refer to something other than EMI) and 2dn.

  3. saboteur said

    I failed to spot the nina – despite noticing “speaker” top right, which I concluded was a coincidence. I read the perimeter rows and columns forwards and back, up and down – but not round the corners. Like Jonofwales, I wonder now how I missed it.

    Quite a slow solve for me, requiring a fair bit of unravelling, particularly of RESISTANCE COIL, INDEMONSTRABLY and SERAGLIO. Lots of ticks made it a satisfying solve, for all that it was tough.

    However, I didn’t get the “dun” bit of DUNLOP either. I just guessed the answer, and lo and behold, there it was when I googled it.

  4. thebargee said

    Thoroughly enjoyed this one, though had it not been so hot I would probably have given up and pottered in the garden. But persistence paid off and in the end I was left with just 2 empty squares in 3 dn – just couldn’t see the answer. It’s those dratted 4-letter answers again!!
    I needed a little electronic help with 26ac and 18dn, but the rest all went in with reasonable confidence, even if I didn’t quite understand the references (e.g. 14ac, 20ac).

  5. batarde said

    Given the heat it’s just as well that the Nina did jump out for once, because I was making heavy weather of this one. All done and dusted eventually though, with no complaints. That meaning of “dun” was familiar, and I bet it’s been used, oooh, dozens of times in the last couple of century and a half. It’s where the cheese comes from, innit?

  6. allan_c said

    Didn’t remember this from solving it the first time around until almost the end when I spotted the nina and the idea of corners rang a bell. Otherwise nothing really to add to what I said on 15^2 back in the day.

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