Inquisitor 1651 Odd Situations by Kruger

June 23, 2020

Accompanying today’s IQ, in glorious rainbow colour, is proof of my miserable failure, to, well, draw a rainbow accurately. Oh well. This one seems to be a simple matter of filling in some answers that are clued and some that aren’t. Presumably bereft of opportunities to come a complete and utter cropper?

Well, not really. The grid for the most part was filled in a jiffy, though with much agonising about DIP and CLINKER, the latter the likely looking replacement for Nail, though the parsing. Whoosh, that’s the parsing going somewhere over my head.

Misprints duly sorted, apart from the one. The poet, you see. There are lots of poets, so it seemed to be rather unfair we had to guess the right one. Needless to say from the sour grapes I picked the wrong one, so that my misprints looked like ARDHENLEYSN.

A random selection of English place names that were evidently going to complete the unclued entries were doing nothing to help, there being no obvious link between them.

And there doesn’t seem to be anything obviously cryptic about ARDHENLEYSN. Apart from its cryptic-ness that is.

24 hours later.

E, not S. ARDHENLEYEN, or Henley-In-Arden. Nope, I didn’t know it had a longer name either. And look, the other entries are above something (WESTON super MARE), GRANGE over SANDS, inside them (MORETON in MARSH), by them (WELLS on SEA), and so on.

Which is all very jolly I suppose if you knew more than one or two, but as noted previously Geography isn’t my strong suit, so I spent an age wrestling with Google and a list of unfamiliar places. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all…

2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1651 Odd Situations by Kruger”

  1. batarde said

    Completely failed with the missing letters thing, which was just laziness. It’s unfair of me, but I was a little dissatisfied with this puzzle because there was no elegant, aesthetically pleasing way to shade everything. The place names were fun though: in this case Jon you might have had an easier time with the index of a road atlas rather than with Google – that’s what I found anyway.

    • jonofwales said

      A road atlas I suspect would have been more useful. I do believe I still have one stuffed in the glove compartment, though the car itself sees little use in the present circumstances.

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