i Cryptic Crossword 2902 Dac

May 27, 2020

What’s there to say? Another lovely little puzzle from Dac which was for the most part pretty straightforward. There’s a bit of a Gallic flavour, including a phrase that may have caused a little difficulty, but the letters were all there for you to pick from. 😉 We seem to have a superfluous “after” in 19ac, but elsewhere everything was as fair, above board, and entertaining as you would like. Aspiring setters could do worse than copy Dac’s style. First in 23d, last in 5d, finish time comfortably under par for the i.

COD? I’ll go with 10ac – “Street on island in which you’ll see bird, one flying high (10)”.

To January 2016:


6 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2902 Dac”

  1. dtw42 said

    Yes, I had this finished by 8am. Your COD was actually my LOI.
    I’d not heard of 3ac (BEER, yes; BEAR, no!) so that needed checking (though it made sense), and it took me a while to correctly parse the American bit of 21ac. No quibbles though – all very nice.

  2. Grodnik said

    Agreed, a pleasant and fair challenge. As for 3ac, it reminded me that as a naive teenager in the 1950s, on an exchange visit to France, I had arrived at my hosts’ home very late and was sat down immediately to enjoy the (extended) family meal. On completing this I desperately needed to go, so repeated a quotation from my phrase book “s’il vous plait, ou est le cabinet des ours?”. They all fell about laughing!

    Stay safe everyone.

  3. Cornick said

    I think that was even easier than the first couple of Vigos we had a few months back. The most challenging thing being entering the answers onto this tiny phone with my sausage fingers.
    I think aspiring setters would love to be able to construct such elegant clues. Websites where we see their efforts like Big Dave seem to show that rookie crosswords have a mixture of the overly simple not-actually-cryptic-at-all and the impenetrable/ unfair. What Dac does week-in week-out is extraordinarily accomplished.

  4. saboteur said

    A joy, as always. I was a bit slow to get CORSICAN and BALLOONIST, but otherwise fairly rattled through this, and enjoyed every minute, although there were far too few of them.

  5. thebargee said

    Ah, so near and yet so far! Beautiful clueing as always, popped in all the answers except 3ac, just could not get it. No problem with the clue though, just me. Like dtw42, I’m very familiar with the BEER variety, but not BEAR.

  6. The tortoise VM said

    Thank you Dac for a most enjoyable puzzle,
    More of the same please, it made a very pleasant change to be able to complete a cryptic crossword in the i.

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