i Cryptic Crossword 2898 Donk

May 22, 2020

A fairly middling sort of crossword from Donk today. I completed this in around my typical time and did so without resort to aids other than for checking my last one in, SHANDYGAFF. Even so, this was fairly clued and with very helpful crossing letters. The puzzle’s main claim to fame is that it was the last Saturday prize Cryptic in the late-lamented Independent. Mc_rapper67 suggested, in his impressively systematic blog from March 2016 suggested a possible nina, but I am not convinced, and it didn’t garner any support in the comments four years ago.

In one place I was a little disappointed in the cluing. The definition given for DOORKNOB is “need to escape”which is just not quite right. Otherwise, this was a very amusing clue, and I was sorry to have to exclude it from my list of contenders for Clue of the Day. Another candidate was the amusing STAINPROOF, but my favourite today was the delightful 1d: “Fancy Bob Hope (5)”.

8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2898 Donk”

  1. Cornick said

    Lots of fresh ideas in Donk’s clues – very much appreciated on this side of Cornwall too. 🙂
    Can I throw in a vote for the Semitones clue, really liked that.
    Quite an interesting week that – plenty of pretty libertarian stuff going on, but the accompanying creativity more than made up for it in my book.

  2. dtw42 said

    Wow. I found this very hard indeed, and got only about 40% of the way through it before resorting to electronic wordfinders. Hey ho. Perhaps I’m just not on Donk’s wavelength.

  3. batarde said

    Very good indeed if distinctly on the libertarian wing, but it’s only 15ac which really oversteps the mark. Yes, enjoyed that rather a lot.

  4. jonofwales said

    I’m afraid another thumbs down overall here – this is definitely not my week! 15ac is rendered nonsense by the non-definition, 6d doesn’t feel quite “right” to me, along with other clues, and 19d should surely be two words. Pretty tricky too, especially in the NE corner, not helped by lax wordplay throughout. I’m never particularly fond of libertarian cluing, and seem to remember not particularly getting on with Donk’s puzzles in the past, so perhaps this was just one that would never appeal to me.

    That said, I did like 1ac, and thought 23ac quite neatly done.

    Grump over. 😉

  5. thebargee said

    Not one for me, only managed about a third before losing interest.
    A sad end to a pretty sad week, Wednesday’s offering being my only success.

  6. Topsy said

    Phew, thank you fellow grumpers. I truly think I will never get on Donk’s wavelength. I tried very hard but after a while I thought that as I wasn’t getting anywhere that I would rather go and stare at my pond.

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