i Cryptic Crossword 2876 Poins

April 27, 2020

A new week begins, and with it an IoS reprint from Poins. Fairly straightforward overall I thought, finished here certainly well under par for the i, though I’m guessing 19d gave most of us pause for thought. I circled “of” in 25ac which seems to be there to support the surface reading only, but everything else looked pretty fair and above board. An enjoyable start to the day.

COD? As ever thin pickings with these IoS reprints, being in their nature really, but I’ll go with 23ac – “Protective screen placed in position around most of royal family (7)”.

To February 2016:


5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2876 Poins”

  1. Cornick said

    Yes, 19d was almost my Last One In. Had a vague recall of the word (probably from crosswords) but mistakenly put in a reversal of HIT rather than HIP until 18a put me right.
    Re the link word ‘of’ in 25a, most setters would only use it in the order ‘definition OF wordplay’, which is logical, so Poins was being somewhat libertarian there.
    First time we’ve had model = E in years; I thought that one had been retired!

  2. saboteur said

    I’m another for whom PITBROCH was my last one in – and it was the only one I needed to visit the internet for. Good helpful crossing letters, though.

    Otherwise all good.

  3. dtw42 said

    19 and 23 were both slots where an answer immediately popped into my mind, but I then had to ask myself “why did I think of that? Do I really know what it means?” and then go away to check. Thankfully they were both fine. I finished with 13ac and 13dn (I’d had 13ac pencilled in for a while, but was frowning at the “to” in the clue a bit). Yes, I also frowned a bit at the “of” in 25. “Of river” steers you towards looking for an adjective [hmm, checks def of “riparian” online], rather than a noun. Hey ho.

  4. batarde said

    The “to” and “of” in 13ac and 25ac both got a good frowning at, but otherwise this puzzle seemed to be clean as a whistle. Unfortunately it all felt thoroughly flat footed and by-the-numbers, with any number of crossword cliches and absolutely nothing in the way of “aha!” moments. 23 crops up fairly regularly, but 19 is one of those odd and seldom useful words that clutter up my brain, probably driving worthwhile stuff out. Had I not known it I’d be banging on about easy clues for obscure words, sure as eggs is eggs.

  5. Denzo said

    Mostly a good and fair challenge. I thought illegal activity is a bit of a stretch for caper, and since this was a crossing letter for 19d the puzzle was only just above the belt.

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