i Cryptic Crossword 2873 Eimi

April 23, 2020

The crossword editor puts in one of his occasional appearances to give us a themed puzzle that I sort of spotted. I could see lots of films dotted round the grid, but I must admit to being unaware that this gentleman was the common factor until I Googled a few. For the most part fairly straightforward, only 21ac and 7ac gave me any problems, and then at the close. Both were fairly clued, so I can only blame my own ineptitude. Elsewhere I did wonder at “cut” in 15ac, but in retrospect think it’s fine, and smiled on spotting one of the crossword setter’s favourite composers at 18d.

COD? Lots to appreciate today, with my nomination going to 10d, just because of the misleading use of axes which was nicely done – “Bingo company axes a splendid gathering (6)”.

To February 2016 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2873 Eimi”

  1. Cornick said

    Quite a grid fill that, wasn’t it? Great actor, Mr Rickman.
    As always there’s a nice refreshing quality to Eimi’s clues, so all very enjoyable. Even the elements that were unfamiliar – like the Bingo company Gala for instance – were all gettable either by working backwards from the solution or simply following the instructions to arrive at the answer.

  2. Grodnik said

    Great puzzle, a fitting tribute!

    Having just read sprouthaters’ comments on Dacs’ ageist clues yesterday my creative juices were stimulated to these comments on the current difficulties, to be sung to the tune of a famous pre 1950 advertising jingle.

    We are the quarantinis, ancient girls and boys.
    We need your help to get our food,
    There’s no way we could have queued.
    Will you collect our medication,
    Salve our aches and pains?
    We wake each morning, crabby and mean.
    Stopped caring about being green
    That’s cos we’re in quarantine
    As vulnerable girls and boys.

    No? I’ll get my coat!

  3. saboteur said

    Thoroughly enjoyable and a very satisfying solve. I spotted the theme (but not early enough for it to be any help) although I missed GALAXY QUEST.

    I didn’t know about Rita Ora, who necessitated a trip to the internet, but the crossing letters made it fairly clear. QUOD’s word-play made me smile, when I finally got it. Agreed about GALAXY, a great clue.

  4. dtw42 said

    Near the start I made a note that the NW and SE corners felt a bit detached so it wasn’t a great grid, and that both of the first two across answers were a bit obscure … but then once the theme appeared I let him off those.
    I marked ticks against 9dn and 17dn, wrote “har har” against 1dn, noted that 19dn’s clue had obviously been updated since its first appearance.
    Galaxy Quest is a brilliant film, recommended if anyone here hasn’t seen it.

  5. batarde said

    That was a pleasant surprise; after all you can rely on Eimi to come up with something a bit out of the ordinary. A brisk, cheerful sort of crossword, completed quite quickly but jolly entertaining. Didn’t really cotton onto the theme properly, although it was obvious that there was plenty going on. Like Jon, I particularly liked 10d after initial irritation at having to dredge up the name of that bingo company.

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