i Prize Cryptic Crossword 2815 by Tees

February 22, 2020

Saturday 15th February 2020

Tees is definitely one of my favourite setters, but I found last Saturday’s to be a relatively muted affair by his own high standards. The most remarkable clues were so because they had an obscure or difficult-to-guess answer, rather than for showing much of the invention, cleverness and guile he usually gives us in spadefuls. That having been said I still thought it was very good, and much better than you’d see in most newspapers!

Those tricky answers were ‘Ngultrum’ the Bhutanese currency at 2d, 16a the Australian expression ‘Come the Raw Prawn’(which without a dictionary check could just have easily been ‘Come the Bad Prawn’ for me), and my LOI 15d ‘Tailspin’ which with its deceptive wordplay, definition ‘Agitated state’ and the crossing letters all being SENORITA letters had me copping out and looking at a wordsearch, I must confess.  Oh, and I also learned that Clio lived on Mt Helicon – who knew?

For the COD, I did enjoy the acrostic at 21d, which was very nicely done, but I’ll plump for this one:

15d Seed-spiller up and back in very little time (10)

Click here to see all the answers, and also the 3 clues RatkojaRiku picked out as his favourites – all of which were different to mine!

9 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 2815 by Tees”

  1. Grodnik said

    Enjoyed this one as I managed all but two answers (2d & 12a) without checking/cheating. Les Patterson (who?) got me off to a great start at 6a. Looked for theme etc., found nothing.

  2. batarde said

    My copy got recycled, but I remember thinking it was rather low key for Tees, but excellent all the same. The Bhutanese word was waiting for me in the dictionary as I was sure it would be, which is how it should work. All very enjoyable. Clio’s mountain was familiar, don’t ask me why.

    • Cornick said

      Heard of it, sure – just don’t ask me which god lives where!

      • saboteur said

        I’d heard of it too, and I presume it was as a result of some previous trip to Crosswordland. The Nine Muses and their home rarely crop up even in polite conversation in my circles.

  3. saboteur said

    I see from my note-to-self that I found this one tough. Not sure why, though, as looking through 225 everything seems perfectly reasonable. Lime Cornick, I didn’t know the Australian phrase or the Bhutanese currency, and neither did I know the Greek festival.

    Today’s seemed tough, too. All done, but struggling to parse some revolutionary British cooking…

  4. jonofwales said

    I often find Tees to be a rather tough nut to crack, and so it proved to be last week, clocking up a time somewhat above average. Lots of ticks throughout, though, so the experience was evidently a pleasurable one, therefore no complaints here.

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