i Cryptic Crossword 2810 Hob

February 10, 2020

An interesting puzzle to start the week, with a bit of a theme revolving round 4/17. In case you hadn’t noticed, look at the vowels used in the answers throughout. For those of us with a background in IT it was as clear as day what was going on, but I’d be interested to know what those ignorant of the inner workings of computers made of it. I twigged pretty quickly what with all those capitalisations, but still managed to flounder a little working out what the second name of our mathematician might be. Never mind. The rest went in with little ado, finishing in a time comfortably under par for the i, though with more than a little concentration required throughout. A good start to the week.

10ac has been brought up to date, just to prove that the crossword editor’s on the ball. 😉

COD? Lots to enjoy, with the contemporary references in 14d and 21ac in particular most welcome, and 30ac raising a smile, with 21ac getting my nomination – “Sheep cloned by surgery found in M&S tarts once (5-4)”.

To November 2015:


10 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2810 Hob”

  1. Topsy said

    After a very stressful weekend I was looking forward to today’s crossword, hoping for The Don but getting Hob instead 😦 so what did we have? Tits, bums, wind, prostitutes, incomprehensible maths stuff…… I am with Pierre on this one and found it very tough and, IMHO, not in the least enjoyable. But I guess you all knew I would say that.

  2. Cornick said

    I absolutely loved it.
    The sheer level of creativity in producing a triple Lipogram (A, E, U) – except that is for George ‘0,1’ Boole himself – was brilliant.
    This sort of crossword shows us all that much more is possible in a 15×15 grid than the mundane and routine, and it reminds me of those great puzzles set by Virgilius back in the day.
    Yes, a teensy bit of rudeness, but for some reason the BS today I found innocuous, but that of the weekend I found unnecessary.
    Goes to show we’re all different, Topsy!

    • Topsy said

      Cheers for that comment, Cornick, your ref to BS made me go back and look to the weekend offering and I find that I was so busy being stressed out I had only got six answers…. something to do when I wake at 4am thinking about RSJs and building regs 😀

  3. Cornick said

    Just one quibble though – the anagram fodder in 20d doesn’t work, although it would have been fine if it had been left in its original version!

    • jonofwales said

      An unfortunate example – that I missed – of the editor’s well-intended updates not working (though it’s not an anagram.) I missed the missing O on solving, despite sketching it out.

      • Cornick said

        Sorry, container, I meant.
        And that entry in the grid also includes an unwanted U.
        I wonder how long Hob tried getting rid of it before concluding it wasn’t worth it!

  4. batarde said

    Usual thing with with Hob: I find myself thoroughly irritated, but not so much that I can’t see how clever it all is. Which is to say about half as clever as the compiler himself evidently thinks. He is NOT Punk OR Arachne, AND should stop trying to imitate them, because it just comes off as puerile. Furthermore, once again I feel short changed because that was over and done with in a flash. Bah.

  5. dtw42 said

    Very odd. About halfway through I thought to myself, “ooh, this is clever, the only vowels he’s used are I and O, and that’s what all the references to 10 are about.” Then I struggled to make the parsing of 20dn work (where DID that extra O come from?) and eventually bunged it in anyway, slightly irked by the U because that spoiled by theory.
    And then at the end I was left with 4/17 … I realised who the mathematician was only once all the crossers were in, but he spoiled it even more with all those Es, although I could see his binary link to the theme.
    So very very nearly very clever and satisfying but just … not quite.

  6. saboteur said

    I’m with batarde on this one, insofar as it was all done and dusted – including noticing the theme – in far too short an order. Most of the clues were read-and-write-ins. NOXIOUS irritated me too; I’d spotted the theme quite early on, and had been impressed by the I and O business – until I got to 20d.

    I didn’t know MOOLI or GOBBO – but I do recall, TONTO, despite being 50 something. 🙂

  7. imsewell said

    All a bit unfriendly to poor old Hob, I feel. Without spotting the theme- LOI was GB himself- I had no trouble except with 6d. I ewanted it to be Old Eire. Hob has a very open style just right for a Monday!

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